What the ($*&/'* is going on with me??

woman44March 26, 2007

I'm a 44 year-old woman. I've always been positive, optimistic and full of life. In 1998-1999 I had 3 miscarriages and from then on... everything changed in me. My periods started having their own schedule and I started getting migraines. Then, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (for which I'm now taking syntroid). I've been having hot flashes for the last 2 years. For the last 6 to 9 months or so, I've been experiencing feelings of doom and anxiety. I tend to amplify every symptoms I get (if I have a sore throat, I think it could be throat cancer... if I have a pain in my left arm - even if it's from typing for a long period (I work on a computer)- I think I'm having heart problems... if I have a headache - which I have more frequently - I think it's a brain tumor [and I know it's not because I've had a scan a few months ago]). THIS IS NOT ME!! I THINK I'M GOING CRAZY!!

Some days, one minute I can hate the world and the next minute I want to be everybody's friend. I laugh one second and feel like crying the next.

I make fun of my situation with my family and friends but deep down inside I'm wondering what my problem is...

I've spoken with a few colleagues at work about it and they mentioned that it's probably perimenopause. I feel relief when they tell me that, but do I have to expect more of this?

I don't want to take any medication for it and if I have to I want to go natural... any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.


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If I were experiencing what you are I would have my hormone levels tested and make a consultation appt. with a psychiatrist.

Open your mind to medications......

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It could be female hormonal changes, or it could be plain ol' depression and/or anxiety. If it's that severe, you need to get it checked out. Hypothyroidism can cause depression in some people, so have your thyroid hormone level checked again too. My personal opinion on dealing with stuff like this is I prefer to get to the root of the problem and try to resolve it or deal with it effectively, so a visit to the gyn, the internist, or the psychiatrist or some or all of the above may benefit you. If the three miscarriages were traumatic to you, some of it could be related back to that experience. It could also be a combination of factors. It's really hard to say, but it may be worth pursuing on your part.
Mrs H

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Hi Woman44,
I agree with the advice about making sure you are at the right levels with your thyroid replacement.
It sounds like your miscarriages either caused you to go into perimenopause, or caused some drastic hormonal shifts.
I'm like you.........I don't like to use medications, but it sounds like you could use some for awhile to get you through this really rough time.
The exact same thing happened to me when I started through perimenopause......absolutely every pain I had, I thought I was dying.
In fact......that's how I could tell where I was in my cycle (when I wasn't having consistent periods). If I got a migraine, severely depressed, and thought every pain was a terminal illness.......I knew my estrogen was at its lowest, and I'd just wait for it to go back up. I haven't had a period in about 3 years, and its still happening.
Who are you seeing for your thyroid? Try to see a good endocrinologist.
Sometimes it helps to avoid sugar and carbs and caffeine. It might take the edge off the big emotional swings you're having.
Hang in there.....you'll get through this eventually!

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Thyroid issues are known to cause problems with fertility and miscarriages.

I had 3 miscarriages when I was trying to get pregnant and have only been able to carry one child to term. So I have only one child. That was 10 years ago.

The year after my child was born, I had hot flashes for 1 day and then my libido totally disappeared. I had no interest in sex or in masturbation for 6 years.

in 2010, my thyroid issue was diagnosed, and I was given some anti-thyroid drugs because my thyroid is hyperactive and within 3 months my libido came roaring back - once my hormones were under some control. I went back to masturbating regularly.

But now 2 years later my vagina is itchy, painful and burning, I have vaginal dryness and no lubrication and I can no longer get to orgasm when I masturbate.

So I would be interested in connecting with women who are dealing with both menopausal and thyroid issues. Thank you.

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