What's with this WEIGHT???

IrishgirlMarch 25, 2002

Hi, my name is Kathy and I am new to this forum. I find it very fascintating because I am 48 year young (although don't feel quite as in shape as I did just a short 2 years ago). I have always watched my weight and exercised often and religiously to stay in shape (see my profile pages briefcase under Kathy's page), and had relatively little problems until recently! I have put on 30 pounds in the last year and am powerless to stop it despite increased cardio exercise and watching my diet carefully! During this time I have also been experiencing hotflashes but still have a very regular cycle. My Doctor recommends I start HRT and precribed Prempro (which I have not started yet). I told her I was afraid of weight gain and if I was to gain one more ounce I will scream!!!!! She thought it would balance me out but from what I am reading that is not likely. Is there any one out there that has had any positive results (meaning weight loss) from getting on HRT? I would love to hear from you. I am afraid to start taking the Prempro. Oh and I have had my thyroid checked...so it is not that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kathy's page

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Oh Jeez, Kathy...my mother put on about 20-30lbs when she was post meno and hasn't been able to lose it either. Nobody in my family is overweight at all - I really don't want to hear this! (44 & perimenopausal. Size 8 and dammit I want to stay this way.)
I know estrogen is largely stored in fat cells - I have nothing to back this up but perhaps its the body's way of holding onto it - somewhat adaptive, when you think of how beneficial estrogen is in maintaining heart health, mental functioning, etc. I can tell you that I was on the mini pill to regulate hormones for 6-7 months and was feel much better off of it. I was getting bloated, zits, etc - my goal is not to take a single darn thing, stay as healthy as I can and let things take their natural course.
This probably isn't very helpful, but I feel your pain!

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Kathy, I just started taking Prempro a month ago. Shortly after beginning it, I suddenly "gained" 4 pounds....my eyes were puffy and the rings on my fingers wouldn't budge. I freaked out too. I called my doctor and asked for a "side order of diuretics" to go with the HRT! He told me to hang in there and it would even out. Well just within the past two weeks, the added weight and puffiness are gone and I am even down a pound from when I stated Prempro. I have been getting more exercise and have been much more careful about what I eat, how much and how often. I intend to lose the fifty (50!!!) pounds I gained over the past few years. I don't know if all of the weight gain was from declining hormones, stress or both!

So, Kathy, if you want a buddy to attempt the "Impossible" with you (take Prempro AND lose weight), here I am. I am not confident but I am determined!!!

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Now we know why our mothers were so matronly...I thought they were born that way...lol

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