Covering a kitchen floor?

teachblsJanuary 21, 2008

What do you have for a rug in your kitchen area? We recently renovated/added on such that the old kitchen is now our eat-in space, while the new kitchen is housed in the addition. We need a good sized floor covering to protect the quarter sawn oak floors, most especially in the eat-in section, beneath our dining table.

An actual rug doesn't seem like a practical choice, given spillage, crumbs, etc. I'm drawn to the idea of a painted floorcloth, but haven't found a good source yet. I've seen (in magazines) laser cut or water-jet cut vinyl floor treatments that were kind of interesting, but none yet in a style that is traditional or appropriate for the period of our house: 1902 Colonial Revival.

Any ideas? TIA!

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I actually prefer no rug at all under a table that used often. Seems like it only makes more work and covers up a beautiful floor in the process. We have thick felt pads with a somewhat sharp ring to pound into the bottoms of the legs of the table and chairs that protect our oak floors. They are available at Home Depot, Lowes and even Wal Mart has them in their hardware department.

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My personal preference is to not worry about protecting the wood as 'normal wear and tear' is OK and expected. But you will have to refinish quicker than if you protected the floor. I can't imagine putting vinyl on wood, it just would seem like one of those mats you put under high chairs? Of course it is probably different than I am imagining??

I'd leave it naked. As for crumbs, you can get a dog. Oh, but then you'll have to worry about the dog because they really scratch wood floors up!!

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