catherinetMarch 5, 2005

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you get spells of dizziness, as part of your trip through perimenopause? I thought I was past all this, but about 6 weeks ago, I had bilateral ovary pain, and life has gotten yukky ever since. For about a week now, I've had alot of headaches and dizziness. Anybody else dizzy?

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I'd suggest you get checked out on that one...

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Wow--yes I have been getting dizzy spells!
Mine feel like loss of equilibrium, not the
fainting kind.

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HI lahtay,
Yes, mine are more like loss of equilibrium too. They're not too bad........just enough to be irritating!

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I know the feeling, CatherineT and Lahtay. I've been getting these off-balance type of feelings along with fatigue.

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Yes!! and scary. Dizzy spells several times a day, to the point i feel like my legs are going to buckle from underneath me, and feel like a drunk person. Usually accompanied by a bit of nausea and terrible eye pain. Passes quickly, but leaves me wiped-out feeling for a short while. I thought I was crazy. Just did not seem like it should be a "menopause-thing." (surgically-induced; 48 and hysterectomy in April 05.)

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I have been getting these dizzy spells for about a year now. I also feel like I have lost my equilibruim and sway like a drunk. It is most noticable when I am at the computer. I feel nausea with it. I have been told it is due to hormonal fluctuations that constrict blood vessels in my head. It is a variant of a migraine headache without the pain .. called vestibular migraine. Anyone have any helpful suggestions for dealing with this. I don't want to go on medication for it. Sometimes it last for minutes and sometimes for hours. Help.

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I've been getting very light headed lately. I feel like my feet won't hold me up. It seems to have taken the place of my hot flashes.

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I have been getting dizzy spells on and off for a couple of years now, but this last month has seen a major increase of these occurrences, generally every day, lasting anywhere between 10mins to all day!!!! I feel off balance & get eye pain (feels like it's right in the socket), sometimes I feel like the room is spinning round me (like vertigo?). It's completely draining and I feel like all I want to do is sleep for a week! The constant nausea is becoming unbearable. I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone, but I'm also glad to discover that I'm not the only one with these symptoms!

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