stomach gas

kitty99March 14, 2008

Since being post menopausal I have painful gas, bloating, moves all over. Does anyone else have this? Does it push against your lower back and spine until you have pain all the way down your legs and into your shoulder blades? Have had numerous tests and can't find anything wrong. I know its got to be a menopause symptom, just wondering if anyone else has pain from the gas pushing on their back? Thank you.

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I haven't noticed having any more gas now than I did before I went postal. However, when I do have gas, I take activated carbon capsules and that gets rid of it. However, don't take it if you are on prescriptions because the carbon will soak up everything including your prescription.

On a similiar note, my mother gets an upset stomach sometimes and settles it by eating a ginger snap cookie. You can take ginger capsules instead--but it's not as much fun.

Doesn't your doctor have any ideas about why gas has become a problem for you? You may need to increase the friendly bacteria in your gut by eating some yogurt or taking lactobacillus capsules. Perhaps that is why your digestion is off. Menopause can cause the friendly bacteria to decrease due to low hormones. So can taking antibiotics.


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Hi Ladies, I just posted about this on the Health Forum, I too have alot of GAS and a feeling of fullness, like my foods not digesting, even in the morning when I get up, and also having to urinate alot, I'm going to get checked for Ovarian Cancer, those are the symptoms, and no a Pap Smear won't show if you have it. You need to get a blood Test,called CA-125 and it will show alot of protein in your blood they also need to do a combo pelvic/rectal exam, and trans vaginal ultasound. But, Ladies, don't panic, I would only look into this if the symptoms persist for two weeks or more, seems that alot of Women are being diagnosed, I'd rather be safe than sorry, and also peace of mind, in this instance ignorance is not bliss, can be cured if caught in the early stages.

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