cindy57March 23, 2008

I'm taking 160mg of black cohash and 1200mg of calcium daily for hot flashes and healthy bones. I have just read that black cohash can cause constipation, so can calcium.

I can believe it because I'm experiencing discomfort on a daily basis. I cut way back on calcium for awhile and entered fiber into my diet along with eating extra fruit and veggies and much more etc.... but it still persisted leading me to believe my problem is coming from black cohash. Since I hate milk it would seem logical to eliminate black cohash not the calcium, but then what will I do about my hot flashes.

Has anyone taking black cohash had this problem or for that matter anyone out there having a problem with constipation and how are you coping with it. I'm thinking about trying just soy products for hot flashes what do you all think? Anyone know of a safe laxative that is not habit forming that I could take on a daily/weekly basis?


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I am taking AM PM Menopause Formula from Enyzamatic and it contains black cohash and rhodiola, both causing constipation but it really helps my hot flashes, mood swings and brain fog. I was taking Sennakot Plus but as you said, I don't want to depend on it.
I bought the new PlumSmart juice with fiber by Sunsweet and a glass a day does the trick.

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Hey Tinker1121 PlumSmart Juice is about the only thing I haven't tried. I used to eat up to 10 dried prunes a day and it helped a little. I've seen the commercials on PlumSmart Juice and have read it works better than dried prunes. I'm going to try it. Thanks!


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I have constipation from Irritable Bowel Syndrom, not Black Cohash. Anyway, I drink sugar-free Metamucil either orange or berry flavored every day. Works wonders.

Mix it with very cold water. It's doesn't get thick. I've tried the private labels and they are yucky. Metamucil is the best.

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