Christmas in August at my house

bellsmomAugust 3, 2014

(Apologies to ann_t for first hijacking her thread on her new kitchen toy. Not intentional!)

This is beyond toy, even for me, but I am as happy as if it were Christmas and I was six years old and Santa brought me a pony.

A month or so ago our old range, a 20-year-old JennAire, blew a circuit board and would no longer self-clean or broil.
For our anniversary, DH gave me a check to cover the Capital Culinarian range I had planned to install when I redid the kitchen 3 years ago but ran out of money. The range arrived last Monday, which was our anniversary :-)

I bought the great Chef King griddle to go with it. Here is a pic of the range with the griddle, in the process of cooling after breakfast prep this morning. Also on the top left is the wok grate. Haven't used it yet. This morning I fixed fried potatoes, Benton's bacon, and fried eggs on the griddle (this is NOT a typical breakfast for us!!). It was SO much fun. Acres of real estate to shove things around on.

The griddle can be stored in the oven--barely!! And it is supposed to look like this only more so. When properly seasoned it will be pretty much solidly black--like a good wok or carbon steel skillet.

Are those not lovely toys? Are you sure christmas doesn't come in August?

(BTW, as you can see, my initial dream of a clear expanse of uncluttered countertop did not last long. Counters are now lined with "toys", but I prep on the island which does stay fairly clear.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chef King 14x23 griddle

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Wow, wow, wow!! I'm so glad you posted that here, with the evidence of cooking right there. That's the way a range should look! Like it cooks! And what a lovely range it is, too. Capital really got it right in the looks department, and we know what it can do for you underneath that beauteousity.

It's FAB! And your counters look like cooking is done there, too.

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Happy Anniversary to both of you and what a wonderful gift. Just remember that kitchens with un-cluttered counters belong to the non-cooking crew. Yours looks comfortable and lived in. Very alive.

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There used to be an appliance store here in NYC "Crazy Eddie". They advertised heavily every year:

Crazy Eddie! Chrismas In August!

Nice exhaust hood. Not too many people locate the range with a window.


Here is a link that might be useful: crazy eddie

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Plllog, I am especially eager to try the rotisserie. Tonight it's stir fry.

Pkramer, my kitchen is certainly lived in. I am happy if it conveys that.

Dcarch, the hood is a custom-built ModernAire. The window--well, it's there because I could, because It made sense to me. The glass is tempered, by the way. Not any harder to clean than a backsplash, and it makes "stirring the gravy" so much more pleasant.

(There's a story behind that phrase. My mother was so desperate to keep me in the kitchen, to make me into a girly girl when I wanted to go hunting and fishing, or least go read Zane Grey, that she made me stir the gravy, which we had for nearly every dinner, for at least 1/2 hour. It seemed interminable. It would certainly have been more tolerable with a window.)

I took a look at Crazy Eddie. Glad he doesn't live next door to me.

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The new stove is lovely and I'm sure will do a wonderful job for you. However, it is the window that draws me. Personally I can't imagine anything finer than cooking and viewing the outside wonderland at the same time. Surely the combination will give you even more inspiration.


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Yup. I don't know why more windows don't show up behind stoves. Mine barely ever is even faintly warm--no chance of a fire hazard or thermal fracturing of the safety glass. And it is easy to clean, either from inside or from outside on the deck.

I seldom open it, partly because I followed the designers suggestion for an awning window instead of a swing out window. The awning one only opens about 1/3 of the way and is more of a visual intrusion than a pleasure when its open, but it isn't worth fussing about. I just wanna look out.

It does amuse me that when I turn on the powerful exhaust at full throttle, I can watch the shrubs 10 feet away lash about in the wind.

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Congratulations on your new range! I am tickled for you. Your excitement over this new addition jumps off the page. It's nice to share your joy knowing how often you'll use and appreciate it.

Happy Anniversary, too!

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Fantastic! The oven and window do work together; I don't know if I have seen that configuration before but it makes sense/scents.

Just remember that kitchens with un-cluttered counters belong to the non-cooking crew. Peppi proves my point when I say that I'm not at the same level of a cooks as you all are.

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Thank you, amck. Tonight I am going to really try out the griddle. I will sorta stir fry some farmer's market green beans, as I sauté some onions to mix with them and decide what else to add to them (spices, peppers, ????), as I warm some leftover jasmine rice from last nights stir fry in a bit of olive oil, as I quickly grill some little tenderloin filets wrapped in bacon --all on the same griddle. The amount of real-estate in that griddle astounds me. I feel like a chef on Diners, Driveins and Dives.
What fun!
It may be a chance to play with varying heats on the two right burners. But the heat retention on that heavy griddle and around the CC burners is incredible. After I did the initial seasoning of the griddle on the stovetop, there was still retained heat after over an hour! So just turning a burner up or down doesn't give immediate change.

Fun to have new toys to play with.

I am pleased you like the window. There are things I would change in my kitchen, things I regret in my kitchen. The window behind the range is neither of these. I love it.

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I love the range. No problems with it at all. And I really love the griddle. Last night I fixed grilled Benton's ham BLT sandwiches. It was downright fun to have all that space to lightly brown the ham, toast the bread, and warm up some left over fried potatoes. Everything was finished at once. :-)

I will post pictures when I finally get around to using the rotisserie. It is a hefty thing and should be a pleasure to use. That is the next big cooking adventure.

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It looks areal treat to cook on. I aso love the window. I've never seen that before! Heaven!!!

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Do you have under-cabinet lights?


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It is a treat to cook on! And the window overlooking a wooded park always makes me smile. I cannot think of a tile backsplash, no matter how elegant, that I would prefer to that window. Although it is a bit of a black hole at night, I must admit.

Yes, there are under counter lights all around the perimeter. They are installed in strips to the front of the cabs and do a fair job of lighting things up. I don't use them often because I usually prep on the island, and I didn't turn them on for this pic since I was focusing on the stove and not my clutter.

Incidentally, when I bought the new KA mixer and decided to store it on the counter, I had to trim the light rail on that cabinet run so I could slide the mixer in and out without tipping the monster sideways. If you look carefully to the left of the range, you can see that the front light rail is 1/2" shorter than the others! But the trimmed rail still shields the lights when we are seated and the difference isn't really noticeable.

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LED lights take practically no room to go under the cabinets.

They also last forever.


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