Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) & Menopause

cattknapMarch 19, 2002

I recently went to the doctor because of my hands going to sleep at night - the diagnosis was carpal tunnel. My bloodwork revealed that I had low thyroid - which can cause carpal tunnel. Low thyroid also mimics some of the symptoms of menopause: Weight gain, very dry skin, constipation, moodiness, low energy, spine/back/neck pain, etc. I just started taking thyroid medication - which takes about 2 weeks to begin working. It might be worth having your thyroid tested if you are having any of these symptoms. I'll let you know if the medication works.

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I have the same thing Ive been taking synthroid for about 3 years now and still have all those symptoms.

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Bulldinkie - are you wearing the braces for your carpal tunnel?

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I dont have any problem with that. I do alt of crafts ,crochet etc I dont have any problem.

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i mean I have underactive thyroid and all those symptoms you mentioned so far no problem with hands wrists.

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Just wanted to say thank you for your post. I just went for bloodwork to check my thyroid. Better than having the carpal tunnel surgery and maybe I will have some relief with my neck

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I noticed this is an old post and no updates from the OP.
I've done a little research on hypothyroidism, after my mom's suggestion that I might have it, and the symptoms seem to fit me to a T. But I thought, too, perhaps all the symptoms are due to menopause.

My question: has anyone found it difficult getting the hypothyroidism diagnosed. My mom says it's not easy to detect. She is on medication for it herself. I'm going to call the dr. for tests soon (we've been between insurance companies), but I had a blood test for anemia in June and nothing was said about the thyroid (I didn't think to ask). Just wondering if it they have to be looking for it specifically.

Hope someone has some input!

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According to my doctor, low thyroid is easily diagnosed with a simple blood test - just ask your doctor. My carple tunnel symptoms have completely disappeared since being on thyroid medication. I also take 150 mgs. of soy isoflavones twice a day for menopause symptoms and am very happy with the results. I have lots of energy, am seldom moody or depressed, experience two or three minor, short-lived hot flashes per day and absolutely no night sweats. My only complaint is that I do not sleep well - wake up after about 3 hours of sound sleep and then sleep fitfully for the rest of the night - get up about 5:00 a.m. and sometimes earlier - know there are lots of women my age in this same predicament - but I've never been a good sleeper. I just refuse to become a "victim" of menopause - I (and not my hormones) have control of my moods, my weight, my menopause symptoms, my marriage, etc.. I am woman, hear me roar! :-)

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Thyroid is easy to diagnos but most doctors won't treat it if you are borderline. I had MANY symptoms for years before I finally bottomed out. One day I felt so tired...I don't mean regular fatigue. It was like I was drugged. I was tested and immediately put on synthroid. The other symptoms disappeared. However I did end up having carpel tunnel surgery (wonder if I'd started earlier if it would have helped), my blood pressure also went down...it had been borderline for years too. Too bad the doctor wasn't willing to try this with all my symptoms. I started feeling the same again a few years ago and my thyroid dropped to low normal again. He wouldn't bump it up to see if I felt better, so I changed doctors. I felt wonderful again, was monitored regularly and it wasn't too high.

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I've been hypothyroid for nearly 20 years now. (Graves disease, treated with radioactive iodine that killed the thyroid.) It's very easy to test for once you or your doctor figures out that it might be an issue, but its symptoms are the same as many other illnesses, so simply reading a list of symptoms says nothing about whether you actually have it.

Just ask your doctor to include a thyroid test when you next have your regular checkup.

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