New Here......What's Happening to Me???

rubyachesMarch 17, 2008

Hello Ladies,

I've been reading ALL of your posts (back to 2002, I think) these last few days. I took my last YAZ pill on January 20th and have started down the road of no return! I feel like my body went from 56 to 90 years old since then! I stayed on the pill as long as my GYN would let me and had been avoiding all menopausal symptoms, but when my blood pressure started rising, we thought it might help if I got off the YAZ. I now have hot flashes, mild night sweats, weight gain, aches and pain in every joint and muscle in my body, and I just plain feel like cr*p. It amazes me how you can go from feeling semi-normal to feeling like an alien has taken over your body. I had some lower back problems and hip bursitis before all of this, but now I feel like I can barely walk sometimes.

From reading this and other forums, I've added black cohosh, soy, flaxsee oil, progesterone cream, etc. to my regimen of vitamins and supplements. My GYN has a prescription for Prempro waiting for me, should I choose to go that route, but I want to steer clear of it for the moment.

Well, that's all. I just wanted to say hello and ask permission to come aboard the menopause bus to who-knows-where??


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Hi Rubyaches - I've found that soy isoflavones, black cohosh and motherwort have been a huge help in my hot flashes and night sweats. I too have gained weight and am getting it under control with Magnolia Bark. Also for me, walking every day has helped cut down on the hotflashes and staying away from spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine. Hope this helps.

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Bobbi54 I would be interested in how the Magnolia Bark is taken and helps with your weight.

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