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msteachMarch 12, 2006

I went to our local herb farm that has been in existence for decades and the gentleman that is the owner is so knowledgeable about all herbal remedies, it's great. Well I asked him for something for menopause where the anxiety and rage get to you, and he referred me to kava kava and a blend of herbs packaged as "less stress". Both of these are in capsule form. I also asked about tea and he referred me to herbal "tranquil" tea. Asked also about contraindications with blood pressure meds and hormones. He said to take the herbal supplements at least 1 hour apart from meds, but also said he can get me off the hormones and even possibly the bp meds with herbal supplements. Well, I was very doubtful, but willing to give it a try cuz I felt so awful. I had a cup of the tea and took a kava kava around 5 last night, took the less stress about 7 with another cup of tea. Guess what? Anxiety and worry turned into a lot more positive thinking and I slept last night except for briefly waking up once. I got up this morning and felt better - like the cup was 1/8 full instead of totally empty, took my meds and waited about an hour or so before taking the kava kava and less stress. The anxiety quells within minutes and you do look at things in a more positive light. This is only twice now, so I'm hopeful. I've read about kava kava and its medicinal values. So if this means my life can be positive again, I'm going for it.

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I dunno... This herbal guy is giving you a band-aid, not really solving the problem. Basically, you are taking like an herbal valium... not really solving the problem. If he gave you other herbs that helped with hormonal imbalance, I might be less skeptical. I would work with your doctor too.
I am really into herbalism, but I think that the smart thing to do in your situation is to use herbs in conjunction with western medicine.
I am not saying that Kava-kava doesn't work, but that in your situation, it is just a mask. If you had anxiety from say stress, I'd think that kava-kava would be a good choice. I'd be just as skeptical if your doctor just gave you a valium... not treating the root of the problem, just getting you to be quiet.

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Well - just to let you know I am under a lot of stress as well as the menopause. I am in charge of a classroom of 6th graders, as well as being president of a teachers union, and the chair of one of the board of directors of the town, not to mention having our daughter move back in with her 2 kids one of whom is a juvenile type 1 diabetic who is insulin dependednt and the other who has a heart condition. So if this relieves the pressure and gets me through it, Iguess I will be doing it. Hormones are also "masking" the problem if you will, wait till I try to go off them- that should be like a trip to haites and back. I needed to find me again and calm down even for a few days before venturing any further. Sleep was a necessity and I slept last night.

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Okay... do what you want, though why post for opinions? No, hormones aren't a mask, they are dealing with the root of the problem, the body's basic changes from lack of hormones.
Sure, take a "valium" lotsa people do, we are a nation of pill poppers. But, I tell ya, kava kava is addicting... so you may be regretting it later.
Also, maybe if you are under so much stress, maybe it isn't menopause that is causing the problems, maybe you need to learn how to either better manage your time or not be so much of an over achiever. I know with childcare, there's a certain burn out rate. Don't rush towards that point so fast.

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If you want REAL information on dealing with menopausal symptoms with herbs, you might google Susun Weed, she's rather famous in the herbalism world for her Book on Menopausal years.

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Kava or kava-kava
Herbal aids to sleep

From Florence Cardinal,
Your Guide to Sleep Disorders.
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Uses of Kava: Kava or kava-kava has an alcohol like effect and is used as an anti-depressant and sedative.

Descripion of Kava: Kava or kava-kava is a herb grown in the South Pacific and used in many ceremonial drinks. It has an alcohol like effect.

Dangers and side effects of Kava: Serious liver damage has been reported from the use of kava. Also can cause severe fatige, nausea and jaundice. Kava has been banned in many places.

Available as: Liquid tinctures, capsules, tea

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msteach, thanks for sharing your experiences with the herbs. I am always looking for options other than the usual hormone therapy and other drugs that are normally perscribed. Even though I do research anything I take it really helps to hear someones real-life experiences.

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Kava Kava is not a good herb to use except in the very short term. Try Valerian root and some chamomile tea.

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