No period for four months

jannieMarch 8, 2006

I'm 53, haven't had a period in four months. The last two nights I had trouble falling asleep. The room seemed hot and stuffy. Does this sound like hot flashes? I'm moody all the time, so there's no change in that dept. My last gyno visit was in December. I don't want to go back till my next check-up, in a year. They gave me a clean bill of health, plus mammo,pap, and bone density.

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Well, you should go back... the older us women get, the more we should stay on top of things... cancers pop up so fast. It sounds to me that you are a good long way into perimenopause... but I really recommend that you discuss this with your gyno.

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jannie, I am almost 49 years old. No period for me since Oct 2005. I have the same hot & stuffy feelings that you do. My dr. said "Welcome to menopause". Take 1 day at a time, I say.

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