is this possible?

jannieMarch 29, 2007

My SIL just turned 59, says she still gets regular periods and is not in menopause. She had a d and c about two years ago, other than that,she says she's always been perfectly regular. Is this possible? i'm asking because I'm 54 ad in the past year my periods stopped and re-started twice. My doctor says I'm unusual. Isn't age 59 a little more "unusual"? I suspect she's lying so she'll appear more youthful. Or am i being b@#$%y?

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Hi Jannie,
I think anything is possible with menopause. It's ok to be a "you know what" once and a while. It's a blessing from God. I like the fact that your doctor called you "unusual." I would hate to be "usual", how boring! Hope this brightens your day.

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I'll be 56 next week and although I've missed the odd period during the past year, I'm not yet in menopause. At least I'm not the oldest one out there but I've been saying for years that I'm going to hold the world's record for this.

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My best friend is 55 and still having regular periods and not experiencing any issues related to menopause.

I was standing in line at the grocery store a while back and noticed an eldery woman about 75 or 80, buying sanitary pads and tampons. I kept thinking "Oh please tell me those are for your daughter or grandaughter and not you".

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I guess if someone can be menopausal at 45, then 59 is also possible. Personally, I wish my periods would end forever. Just think of all the money we spend on sanitary supplies, only to flush them down the toilet or put in the trash!

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Hi all, Im new to this post, but after reading, now maybe I think something is wrong. I had my last period 7/2006. I was 44, now 45. I figured it was menopause, maybe its not. Apparently this is not the norm? I haven't been to the gyno since. Anyone else out there go thru this so early?

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My last period was over six years ago, I am 52. You cant start counting menopause until you havent had a period for 1 year! If you bleed before that you have to start counting over. Has anyone else heard that.

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That's what I've heard. A couple times I've counted down, only to have to start over at 10 months or 9 months. This time looks like it. I'm at 11 something months. I'm only 53, btw.

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Linda, I'm new here, and I had my last period at 43. Or maybe it was 42. Who's counting?

Perfectly regular, uneventful and painless periods until one day I just stopped. That was it.

My gyn told me I MUST have had some physical indications (skipped periods, some heavy bleeding) but because I was so young, she missed all the emotional/physiological signs of perimenopause I had been exhibiting. Needless to say I punted her.

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Drs. they dont know it all. Good for you.

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