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organic_annbFebruary 11, 2006

WeÂre shopping for a diamond for a ring, but itÂs so hard to select one, everyone is giving me different info. Any advice?

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Just find a site that looks real helpful. http://www.andersonanalytics.com/diamond.htm
Looks like it may be a useful way to make a decision between two diamonds?

Here is a link that might be useful: Wedding Diamond Price Estimator

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What questions do you have? I have a lot of knowledge about this - I am an "analyzer" shopper, and I once wrote an article about this for a local paper.

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Really, can you post the article?

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You need to decide what you want....glitz or a flawless diamond? One that looks flashy, or one that is internally perfect.
To get the biggest good looking stone for the least money, I prefer a great color...at least G or F and can easily tolerate si quality if the inclusion is a white "feather" and is below the girdle of the stone.
You should decide on how much you have to spend and then go shopping.....and realize that diamonds have a HUGE mark up.....so because one store offers a similar diamond for less, doesn't mean that it is a lesser quality....just that their mark up is not as great.
So decide what you can spend and go looking, know the "Three C's" of each stone you look at and then you can better compare.
Linda C

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Gina, what is an analyzer shopper?

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I don't have a copy - it's been about 15 years. I mean I analyze anything I buy - I'm nerdy that way. I research and get educated - and diamonds are something you definitely should educate yourself about before buying or you may end up spending thousands too much. Also, my mom managed a local jewelry store for 20 years before she retired.

Anything over 1/4 carat:

If you are thinking of going to a local diamond/jewelry district - you will get ripped off if you don't know what you're doing.

If you are shopping retail like at Zales or another big chain - ditto.

After educating yourself and narrowing down what you want, I would go to a local jeweler who has been around for awhile and buy a loose stone independent of the setting, and have the stone set while you watch. Many stone's inclusions are cleverly hidden in the prongs of a setting.

Or if you have a Costco nearby - they have excellent values on jewelry, including diamonds, and even give a money-back guarantee and a price guarantee.

If you are spending any large amount, get a GIA certified stone.

If all this scares you off, try cubic zirconia set in gold - they are fantastic quality and you won't be afraid to wear it. QVC sells a good line.


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My husband and I got married when we were very young, so my dimond was very little it almost looks like a chip, so when I got older had kids etc, he asked me if I wanted a bigger dimond up grade, I said no, the ring you got me reminds me of where we were when we first were together, I wear it often, but I did go to Macys and got a cubic Zirconia set in white gold and it is about 1 carret and I love it and everyone always compliments, I dont think most people can even tell and I dont say a word. LOL

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