endometrial biopsies......

catherinetMarch 16, 2004

Hi all,

I'm sort of bummed. I was having what felt like ovary pain. I'm 54 and haven't had a period for 1 year. I've also been off HRT for 1 year. The transvaginal ultrasound showed a cyst on both ovaries, which is probably what was causing the pain. The doc said not to worry. I also have a small fibroid in the uterus. But there was also another blip on the radar screen that she couldn't explain, and wants to do a biopsy. Bummer. The first one I had years ago didn't hurt, but the second one did. What are your experiences with biopsies and pain?

I don't think I'll get too nervous about this "blip" just yet.....although I was on HRT (combination) for 6 years.

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I had an endometrial biopsy because of irregular bleeding. The doc and I decided to do it during the visit when I went in to talk with her about this. Boy, did I regret it--had no idea how bad it would be. "You'll experience some cramping and you could take some Advil." HUH? Major, major cramping during the procedure and after. A "vaso-vagal" reaction after(nearly fainted when I stood up). I called DH to come and get me. If there is a next time (and I hope there isn't) I'm going to ask for meds first. Like, maybe heroin.

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I had two many many years ago in trying to become pregnant. It was UNBEARABLE! Both were with male docs and that's when I changed to a woman! I would never undergo that again without sedation!

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