msteachMarch 10, 2006


recently started with this lovely trip of perimenopause and tried all of the natural stuff to get mood swings under control. I couldn't take the anger raging in me anymore and went to the Dr. and he gave me HRT (short term). It's only been 3 days on that so I guess it really hasn't kicked in yet. My mood swings are better a little but the anxiety is still getting me. I go from absolute panic that something is going to happen to my family to being so angry at them for possibly leaving me it's not funny. I know this makes no rational sense, but I keep thinking that this is due to levels of hormones being out of whack. Do you think so???? I know deep inside I would be crushed if anything were to happen to them, but the anger is also overwhelming. Will this get better as the hormones level out? At least with the HRT I have been able to sleep better, but when I do wake up I'm either having a massive hot flash or I'm in the throws of an anxiety attack. Nights are so much worse and being alone is awful. I'm a teacher and now at my planning time when I can be alone, I choose to go to the teacher's room just to be around people. Do any of you out there feel like any of this applies to you?

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No, I am not that bad... bad, but not that bad. I'd give the hormones a week...if you aren't getting relief, you might have to up the dose. Or try something like Prozac or whatever... your doc knows. Let me tell you though, being alone might help keep you out of prison for murder! :D Sometimes I WISH I was alone!
When you are having these swings... take a deep breath, let it out slowly... try to center yourself. It really does work, and will help you feel like you are back into a little control of yourself.
You can help with the nightsweats and hot flashes by turning the heater down... I don't like it, but the fact that my BF likes it cold really keeps the sweating down, plus it will help on bills! :D

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msteach, I can relate! My anxiety is making me crazy! I can't help but think something horrible is going to happen. My dr. put me on a low dose of paxil about a year ago. It helps a little bit but I seem to wake up at night (several times) to a feeling of anxiety & then a *&^%$#* hotflash!! I can't take HRT because I have very cystic breasts. I am almost 49 years old & I haven't had a period in 6 months. My dr. said "welcome to menopause". I say grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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I can definitely relate to the anxiety. My doctor put me on Sarafem (prozac). I haven't been on it long enough to make a judgment on it, but it took some of the edge off. Menopause stinks.

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The Sarafem helped for a while, but I feel like the anxiety is back in full force. I shake, and my heart pounds.

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Cheerful, are you on hormones? Sounds like for you, it might be necessary.

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I'm not, but will be seeing my GYN this summer. I will talk to her then.

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