Abdominal Weight Gain

zoewolfMarch 9, 2007

I am 52 and peri-menopausal -- haven't had a period in 5 months. BUT. . . it looks like I am 5 months pregnant, especially from a side view.

Last year I weighed 120 lbs. (I am 5'4"), and now, OMG, I don't even want to know. A few months ago at the doctors office, a nurse wanted to weigh me as usual. I told her "fine, as long as you don't tell me what it is."

Months ago I started purchasing long, baggy sweaters (the ones that almost go down to your knee). This was fine for winter, however Spring is almost here and I am beginning to panic. No matter what I seem to do, I can't lose this "5 month old fetus". (thank God for stretch jeans).

Is this fairly normal? I am as active as I was last year; eat pretty much the same foods. So, other than starve myself (which I had done for a few days), what's going on? I have even seriously thought of liposuction, but only as a very last resort. I HATE THIS NEW/OLD BODY.

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zoe, if you've gone from a typical weight one year to a "5 month old fetus" stomach the next, that is not normal. Unless, of course, you packed on the pounds by an unusual year of eating too much and exercising too little. From what you write, it does not sound like you did this. If I were you, I would go to the doctor and get checked out asap for possible fibroid growth. A friend of mine had the same abdominal growth, thought she was just getting fat, but soon needed surgery to remove some big fibroid growth. Don't delay.

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Well, is the weight gain in your belly or around your waist? It is normal for menopausal women to have some weight gain around the waistline and a little above and below that- it's where some excess hormones are stored for going through menopause (at least that's my understanding), but if it's all up front, lower in your belly, that does not sound normal for menopause to me. I would have it checked out if it were me.
Mrs H

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I have heard this alot from my meno friends. I have to say that they have worked hard and it has come off, but it was a struggle for them. I have had a big stomach since my c-section 29 years ago. But the last month I have noticed waistline increasing. Please check it out. Dont let them tell you it is just weight or water. Lots of water. Write those calories down. It is there somewhere. Shotzy

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Ovarian cancer symptoms are somewhat vague but may include:

Abdominal swelling from fluid buildup

Abnormal or unusual vaginal bleeding

Pelvic pressure

Back or leg pain

Intestinal problems such as gas, bloating, long-term stomach pain, or indigestion

What you can doÂ

See your health care provider annually for a complete pelvic exam.

Maintain a healthy body weight.

Discuss your cancer risk factors and family history with your health care provider and, if warranted, make an appointment with a genetic counselor.

If you have been on long-term ERT discuss alternatives with your health care provider.

Do not use talcum powder in genital area.

Make an appointment with your health care provider if you are experiencing any of the following:
 vaginal bleeding between periods or postmenopausal bleeding
 pelvic pressure or leg and back pain
 unusual abdominal bloating or changes in bladder or bowel

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I was 125 two years ago. I have gained so much that it is obscene. I gained over 20 pounds while doing my regular exercise and not any increased eating. I broke my ankle last november, have greatly reduced activity levels and now have another 25 pounds. yes, i look 5 months along. When my ankle finally heals, i am hopeful that i can lose some of the weight. i pretty much moo and oink my way thru every day........ I feel your pain!

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Hi ive been struggling with abdominal weight gain for about 2 years now cant seem to shift it and i do look 5 months gone ive been on a weightwatchers diet spent 5 days a week at the gym and lost about 8 Lbs in all so am pretty disapointed with the all the hard work and lack of results i know its all hormonal nothing much i can do about it except eat a little healthier which i now try to do i want to give up smoking but if i do i think ill end up like ten ton tessa im not on HRT but am coping with all my peri symptoms with vitamins which seems to be helping so hang in ther girls a bit of weight loss is not fatal

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