Passion Fruit Processing

KippyAugust 10, 2014

Hi All

We have a bunch of passion fruit that I would like to separate the seeds and make a puree, not of the skins or pulpy layer. I have tried the blender method I found on youtube, but get tiny grains of the black seeds that pass through the sieves I have bought (makes it seem like there is grit in it) I have run them through the KA food strainer, but nearly broke the KA, almost cracked my counter and arm last time. The seeds are hard and clog up the holes in the in the strainer

Any thoughts on how to separate those pesky seeds? They are bigger than grape seeds and hard.

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I wonder if a cone sieve would work? I use it when I want to process concord grapes to make jelly. There is a wooden pestle-like thing that you use for smashing the berries. The juice and pulp get extracted into a bowl.

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I have not had a lot of good luck using the back of a big spoon and the fine sieve. Maybe the cone sieve and a pestle. Have you tried a hand food mill for the grapes?

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"-----I have not had a lot of good luck using the back of a big spoon and the fine sieve. ---"

Use a silicone spatula.

Let us know if that works better.

It works well for me to remove tomato seed and skin.


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I had a huge passion vine when I lived in Venice, and I would get 60 to 80 passion fruit a day in the summer. In order to process that much fruit, I bought a JuiceMan juicer, and it removed all the seeds (and pulp) and gave me just the juice, which was very intense and fragrant. I then froze the juice until I had enough to make a sorbet, which required quite a bit of sweetener. It was unlike any other passion fruit sorbet (or juice) that I have ever had. However, we got rid of the vine because it was too much maintenance and it attracted possums.

Anyway, to process a lot of passion fruit, you should get a centrifuge juicer, and this will get rid of all of the seeds for you. Nothing else I tried worked as well.


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Thanks Lars

I will look for one. We have a champion but the old acme died years ago.

Part of the problem is the juice is contained in a "skin" with the seed and not as easy as tomatoes to separate. We have buckets of the fruit, out of 5g of fruit we get just a couple of cups of juice and way less using a strainer. I have made jam with them in the past but would rather use in cakes, frosting, filling and tea since it is much easier Just hard to get that juice

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