cont...does anyone have joint and muscle pain

justjillen12March 30, 2013

How long did you take the Cymbalta? I'm really trying to not go there but my body is screaming at me to try it, and so is my husband. Happy Easter everyone.

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I took Cymbalta for about 6 months. It did nothing. No relief at all from any symptoms. I felt "car sick" nausea and dizzy for the entire time. Felt like a bad pregnancy.
I'm not depressed I just have pain dammit. YMMV

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Thats how I feel. I see the commercials for Cymbalta and think... well maybe. The pain is horrible and just desperate for relief. I'm going to try and find a menopause specific doctor. A website called redhotmamas led me to a place where you can find doctors in an area for just that. Wish me luck cuz my GP just brushes me off. MEN!!

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My regular Gyn suggested estrogen when I told her about the pain I'm having. She said it can make a positive difference for some people. I was using estrogen/testosterone cream for about 3 months until about a month ago, it didn't make any difference either.
I've taken about every supplement and a good share of script pain meds that gave me side effects but didn't really touch the pain.
Now a couple years ago I did a course of prednisone for poison ivy and eureka!! felt great. but didn't last and I don't really want to be on pred for ever.

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Have a lot of joint and muscle pain. Starting having it years before menopause and it seemed to come in a cycle. I am really fit and do a lot of walking but it got so I would not even want to stand up after sitting for awhile because my hips would hurt so bad. My elbows and knees and thumb joints too. What I found was a natural progesterone cream that I ordered on line. Within a month I felt so much better it was worth it. It also stopped any hot flashes I was having. Still had a few mild symptoms sometimes but I could cope with that.I used it for 3 years faithfully and just went off it 4 months ago and feel pretty good.

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Hello all, I cant get enough of reading these blogs maybe looking for relief. Had my last period in November 2012 , started to get weakness in my legs and knee pains. I felt sharp shooting pains through my legs etc. Hot flushes for a few seconds. Sleep not too good. My body is tired just doesn't feel right . I had xrays on my knees, back some problems there but nothing to explain this great pain. Sciatic nerve problem too. Getting up out of bed standing on my legs is painful. There is an ache there all the time all day, mostly my legs from the knees down. I don't know what to do anymore.. I have read the whole blog and wrote down the names of a lot of the remedies that everyone has mentioned. But am really sick of taking supplements which I have been doing for years. I do Aqua gym 3 times a week, but with a foam belt on and in the deep so there is no pressure on my legs. I feel great in the water and the pain is less. I did a Doppler exam too thinking it might be because of Varicose veins..nothing there too to cause the pain. Just wanted to say my say..and share this with all of you and tell you all..I know exactly how you are feeling!! Its stinks... I'm 53 now was feeling 21 now feeling 70.

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It sure does stink and then some! All the blogs on the first blog regarding this and all the women with this same pain, you'd think some gyn out there would have a clue that this pain is real, not in our heads. I too am doing the progest cream. When I stop using it for my period time I know it. I can't wait to get it back in my system. I realize that right before my periods is when the pain worsens. I want to start journaling (sp) to see if there is some sort of cycle to the intensity of the pain. I pray that God just gives me two days a week to feel a little better. What a sissy I've become. I often try to remember that there are worse things that could have come my way and to just be greatful I'm still here to enjoy my family. Not always feelinng good but I fake it very well. Sometimes I laugh cry cuz I'm so tired of feeling like this and it seems so surreal and then I get angry and then laugh cuz it's so frustrating. Gotta love the hormones! This too shall pass right???? Arghhhhh ;) Have a better day ladies.....and find humor somehow in this and then scream!!

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I have joint pain in my weak shoulder from breaking it nearly 4 years ago, wrist's mainly left and near my thumb, elbows and standing on my feet when getting out of bed in the morning is so painful. I just seem to ache. I get a lot of water rention near a would be period(missed my last 2) so wondering if this has an effect on joints as well. I will be glad when this is all over as it has such a impact physically and mentally. I'm sure my Daughter thinks I have become nurotic.

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Try turmeric. If you are in the US, try 'Organic India'. If you are in Canada check out, product called CurcuMind. I have been using Turmeric for 2 years and have great relief from joint and muscle pain.

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Message deleted because someone thought it was an advertisement. It wasn't. I was offering free help...

This post was edited by gardensrgreat on Mon, Nov 11, 13 at 15:20

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Please don't advertise here. It's against the rules.

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Not trying to advertise. Trying to offer help. I'll take down the post if possible.

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I didn't report it. But the rules are pretty strict.

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Thanks for this group and info. I am 44 and for the last few months have been having joint pain. Pretty serious. Doc dx tennis elbow once and then it moved to my other side and then my wrists and it was hard to hold thing or wash my hair. Did some internet research and started devils claw this week. It has been a miracle for me. Within a few days my joint pain is gone. I also already took fish oil and glucosamine. Honestly it worked so quickly i almost feel like it couldnt be real. Wanted to share here in hopes it helps others.

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