Large tile for backsplash

zarko123January 26, 2014


I am thinking of having a large size tile (12x35) for the kitchen backsplash. Any issues with installing such large tiles? I recall our KD saying that it is tricky, but can't remember why...I am curious if it will damage countertops, cabinets?

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The layout is tricky because they are so large and there will be a certain amount of waste.

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I'm no expert, just an amateurish idea.

As far as I know the distance b/w the counter and the uppers is usually 18-20". If yours would be 18, you may be OK with 12x35 tiles in terms of wasted material, assuming it can be 1,5 tiles.

In my old kitchen we had 50 cm x 50 cm/ (~ 19.7") tiles and the upper-counter distance was also 50 cm. (the only thing I didn't hate in that kitchen). .

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Large tiles are tricky on floors due to uneven spots in the floor. If your wall is like mine, it waves across just a few feet. Your installer will need to make the wall absolutely even if you use large tiles.

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The other issue is that long tiles can warp. If they do you've got to lay imperfect tile on an imperfect wall. The way to deal with this is to expect large grout lines and to soldier them. If this doesn't appeal to you, reconsider the tile. Check out the link below for more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Warpage

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