Divorced me & now he wants me back

blueeyeshopefulFebruary 1, 2009

He claimed he needed to find his self,that he was confused,releived,tired of taking care of me,i feel trapped,i will always care about you & love you- but? Dose this sound familiar to anyone?

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My husband ex's excuse was menopause, but the real reason was her boy friend couldn't bring himself to get a divorce and hurt his family like she did. If you get back together the reasons why he left you will come rushing back.

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You haven't said how you feel about this?

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How do i feel,you ask. I'm still angery,hurt & can't trust him or anything he tells me.I beleive , he thinks I'd just come running back. I'm very new to this & have not ever asked for help on a web site b4. Thank you for your time.

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Well, there's the nub: You can't trust him...and never will be able to again. Trust is all. Once lost, seldom regained.

You're free, sweetheart. Forget him and move along. Along with the occasional ba...rd there are many worthy men awaiting. Actually, you may not believe. Mind you, they're not found in taverns.

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I can't help but feel he's come back to you because he hasn't got a better deal in the offing, so to speak. As you say, you don't trust him. In your shoes I'd always be wondering if he was going to dump me again if something better came along.
I'd move on. Even to be alone is better than be with someone you don't trust.

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Have to agree with the others blueeyes. Keep moving forward. Don't look back, cut him adrift. You will find someone better. You don't trust him and I would go with that instinct. NancyLouise

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Do you have children? If so, in what age bracket? As you ponder all of this, if you have children, you must consider the impact of this decision for yourself AND your children, both now, and in the years ahead before they are on their own.
Spend some time on the step family forum. In fact, I would read it in its entirety some evening. Because if you decide to move on (and who could blame you) if you have children, and he remarries someone else, who may or may not have children themselves, you must look at the bigger picture as a new spouse would now be involved in parenting and raising your children. This person may or may not have values that are similar to your own. Their presence will have an impact on your kids lives (if you have kids). It may be easier having him present as you get kids through their teenage years, if you are a parent. Tough stuff, indeed.

So I imagine that you need to take this all into consideration and you ponder what you should do now.

I wish you the best.

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he realized that he is too fat or too bald or too old or too poor or (insert whatever fits) to meet anyone else.

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My ex husband pulled this one on me... 2 weeks after I got remarried. We had been divorced 2 years... I straight up told him we got divorced for a reason. Why the heck would I go back and do it again!?!? The issues never go away with time unless they were resolved. If you can't trust him, its hard to build on that and not remember why you quit trusting him in the first place. Good luck!!

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