Trouble getting to sleep

carla17February 20, 2007

Does anyone know if part of the M is not being able to get to sleep. I'm pretty good about staying asleep if I can go to sleep!!! Arghhhhhh.

Before I started this journey I remember seeing a woman on Oprah say to embrace menopause. She must have been nuts. I am certainly not at that point yet and haven't found anything about it that I want to embrace.



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I think she is nuts too, if it makes you feel any better :)

Are you having trouble getting to sleep due to anxiety or is it some kind of physical discomfort, or can you tell? I know that when I was having a great deal of anxiety about a year ago, it was probably the effects of a recent succession of stressful events occuring within a short period of time. When I get really stressed emotionally, my stress hormones get all out of whack with elevated evening cortisol levels, and low DHEA levels. I never knew that was the case until my new (and wonderful) gyn suspected that and tested my stress hormone levels when she tested my sex hormone levels at my yearly. I was also having menopausal symptoms. Anyway, she put me on a much needed supplement and gave me some diet and lifestyle information that has helped immensely. It took a couple of months for me to get back to a normal sleep habit, but I have not had such a severe problem since then. I am still having hormonal fluctuations, or at least I suspect that to be the case, because I have been much more moody and prone to crying or getting aggravated much easier than what is my normal, but the insomnia has resolved, and I feel much more emotionally stable and can tolerate the mood swings more easily. I have had moderate success with a couple of herbal remedies in the past when insomnia was really causing me a problem. I hope you can get this resolved. Sleeplessness is really hard on a person both mentally and physically. Good luck.
Mrs H

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I've been having problems sleeping for the last few weeks. I sleep for maybe a couple of hours, then I wake up all wound up, and I'm like that until I eventually fall asleep again. Embrace menopause? I'd like to smack it around!

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