Do I paint inside closets the same color as room?

perqqderqqJanuary 23, 2009

I'm painting two bedrooms, laundry room, hallway and bathroom shortly. There are several closets, not cabinets, but rather closets with drywall floors, walls and ceilings. The doors would be closed in their normal position. We are used darker and more vivid colors than ever before (my most daring color before was "off white") in each of the rooms.

What I don't know is, do I paint the inside of the closets in white or do I use the color of the room or?

What do people usually do and why?

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For me and I'm lazy, I'd leave them whatever color they are now. Too much trouble to take everything out. we have those closet organizer shelves/stuff

MaiLynn ( aka Linda)

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Paint them white -- for the very simple reason -- that you can still see what is inside them! LOL! :)


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I leave mine white, so that I don't have to empty them and repaint them every time I paint the room.

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Closets, in my world, get painted when I first move in to a place, because they're empty, & most probably never again.

It's really nice to clean & release the energy of the prior occupants with a fresh coat of paint, imho :)

And a nice, light color - definitely!

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White. For the reasons teacat and valzone mentioned, but also it's easier to see a garment's color (when blue and black can look very close) when the background is white.

But do it now--you won't want to do it later down the line when you have to unload everything!

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I've read to paint clothes closets white, or at least a very neutral color. The reasoning is because using a dark or dramatic paint can affect the lighting and make it hard to tell the exact color of your clothing. Now, if you're not trying to coordinate your outfits or you can remember the true colors of your clothing regardless of how they look hanging in the closet, maybe this isn't an issue!


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Not many people put the extra touch in painting the closets. I do- I guess I am the minority!

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For me, it depends on what will be in the closet and whether it has a light of its own.

When I had to wear very conservative business attire, I had a closet full of dark suits. After coming to work in a blue-black silk jacket with a black skirt in the same fabric, I decided that my clothes closets had to be white. Color can be fun in a linen closet or a coat closet.

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Wow thanks for the responses! I've always emptied closets for painting, but admittedly it is 10-15 years between new paint jobs so it's more worth it. I guess an off-white would still be a good choice for me.

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I paint the same color as the room.

No one has had trouble finding clothes of the proper color... even in the medium smoke blue closet!

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All my closets are painted white. I don't plan to repaint them ever if possible. The closet systems would have to come out, etc. Total PITA.

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I painted all my closets white. It's easier to see in.

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For our office remodel, we painted the ceiling and top 18" of the wall a camel color. The rest of the walls were painted dark red.

We painted the closet the same camel color as the freize and ceilings. It is a soft color so it works well. The contractor even trimed out the closet with scrap pieces of baseboard when I wasn't looking. I love it.

The colors are much darker and richer than they appear in this over-exposed photo.

My sewing room, linen, and bedroom closets are all white.

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I always paint them white or off-white because I don't paint them as often as I do the rooms.

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I want my closets white inside so I can see the true color of the clothes inside. I don't want the clothing reflecting some vivid color.

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I buy a can of white paint and add one of my many little sample pots to tint it. (Makes me feel better using them up.) They are then a custom off-white.

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Because we never close our closet door (bad bad) I wanted something more than just white. My bedroom ceilings are the palest blue and now the closet walls are as well. It adds a nice touch of color against the very white trim.

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I see everyone else has the same suggestion as I did, white. We recently remodeled the kitchen area in our rental property, which included the laundry room and we left the laundry room white becuase we thought the brightness was better for seeing what your were doing.

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I always think that when I see a white closet in an otherwise painted room, that the person didn't care enough to refresh the closet as well (my opinion, please don't freak out). A white closet in a bright room or a room in warm earthy colors feels like an afterthought, or no thought.

I always color coordinate the closet to the room, with at least the base color reflecting the room color. Something like kelly's suggetion of adding some of that color to white.

My opinion probably comes from our recent experiences shopping for a house. Closets get a lot of abuse, and we saw so many dingy white closets :o( I'd much rather see a refreshed closet done as often as the room was done. They're an important detail.

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When we built our house 9 years ago, we painted our Master bedroom a very light creamy yellow, the master bathroom, the same color and also our large walk in closet the same color. I still love the color 9 years later.

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Wow, you all are making me re-think my plan. We're having all new closets built in our (currently gutted) bedroom floor, and I was planning to use the rest of the paint samples, most of which are quarts, to paint the closets. At last count we have quarts of 9 or 10 different colors of paint, so no chance I'll run out...or if I do, I was just going to open another can and continue painting! But none of them are white. Hmmm....

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We built new construction 2 years ago. The builder never asked and I was curious what he would do with our walk in closets. The bedroom color I'd chosen was a mossy green. He did the closets in the same creamy white as my trim. And he also did the entire closet in a semi gloss like the trim and I love it. The shinier finish doesn't get marked up as much and if it does it's easy to clean.

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I'm kind of a semi gloss freak mimi...and closets are a great example of a wonderful application for the finish. It's heartier and will look better longer than all of the flat dingy white closets I've seen over the last several months.

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You all are going to think I'm nuts, but I've been planning on painting my laundry room/pantry a happy pink color, just for fun. Then, I started thinking about painting all the closets a pinky-white color.

I'm a girly girl, but my place is blue...I think I need a little pink.

They're so easy to do and painting them is an excuse to do a really thorough cleaning of them, so if it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world.

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White. I just got my cottage and painted every closet the same color as my trim: simply white. I love opening the closet and seeing inside to a clean, fresh looking space. I used an eggshell finish. My walls are painted with matte finish in soft, greens but having color inside closets would look weird to me.

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Like mimi, we use semi-gloss inside our closets (in a creamy color, which matches the trim in the room) and it looks really nice - like we intended it to match the trim, and we did. ;)

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When DH repainted last time he did all the closets a slightly darker tone of the trim color. He said he never ever wanted to repaint them as we have closet systems in most of them so it would be difficult. He's agreed to repaint the trim and knows I'm choosing a slightly different tone but I know he'll never want to repaint all eight of the closets so they'll just have to "blend"!

I love pics of closets that are wallpapered but won't happen in this house.

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a few things to take into consideration with closets is what is going to go into them..if they are walkin ..etc.

if they are walkin and you are dressing in them or need to see clothing..sometimes white is best to not cast a colored glow on the clothes, which might not be helpful in dressing..

but there is always the aspect of a pretty surprise as well..Alexandra Stoddard, designer, suggests making a surprise in some of your closets, so that you can see them and enjoy them when you open the closet..she would paint some of her closets sky blue and put a colored rug on the floor, for her own enjoyment..she also suggest pretty pretty surprises inside your linen closets and cupboard and drawers and even in your refrigerator (like a bouquet in water to keep it fresh or a pretty bowl of fruit)

depends on your use of the closet and what YOU is all up to you

also sometimes a contrasting closet is gorgeous when you open the door..

it is never too much trouble if it is what you want

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Since this is a poll.........This is what I did........When I bought my home I painted all of my closets soft lemon yellow. All of my wall colors are painted a very deep color, and a white would look unfinished. White gets dingy after a while too. The wood trim is natural wood and looks better with some color on the walls.

I used a semi gloss to repel dirt and scuffs, and to reflect light. All my closets are reach-in type and packed to the gills so you can barely even detect the closet color when filled with it's contents. The yellow color does not make choosing the clothing a difficult task since clothes are pulled out to view.

I planned to never have to paint them again and probably never will.

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