Weaning Premerin and Still using Premerin Cream?

mzmintFebruary 5, 2003

I have been taking Premerin .0625 since my ovaries were removed at 45 in 1993 and no problems. (Removed while they were doing bladder suspension the first time!)

Now at 56 I feel it is time to wean from it but I have a question on the Premerin cream that I have had been also using(to keep "female" moisture-?)

Would I continue to use this or is this same cream what you folks talk about when you speak of hormone creams? I have no clue and was given both ( when I complained of vaginal dryness) and used both for all this time.

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Hi MzMint ~ My suggestion would be to check with your doctor. I was also given the Premarin cream for vaginal dryness. I haven't used it much as I find it rather messy, but I am trying it again as the dryness continues and even with lots of other typs of lubs, I still find intercourse painful.


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