fatigue major symptom of perimenopause?

catherinetFebruary 7, 2002

Hi everyone,

Does anyone else out there have tons of fatigue with perimenopause?

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Yes, yes, yes! I noticed this when I first started perimenopause. It's not constant, but during certain "phases" of the months, I'm exhausted. I, also, notice aching in my legs at certain times.

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Yes! I also get very depressed, and the last few years get more fatigued at times, like Andie says often before whatever periods I still have. Sometimes it feels like I suddenly weigh 1000lbs, and I could sleep for days. Exercise helps, easier said than done at times, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: power-surge

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What can be done about this fatigue? I am sick of it and want to feel better..My husband says i look tired all the time, and i dont want to go anywhere....it seems like vitamins, hrt, etc, doesnt do anything for me...I even tried 5 small meals a day, but that didnt work either...i feel so tired...ohhhhh

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Potato, you may want to check out the powersurge site & the boards there too. It may help to know you are not alone! Sometimes I think there just isn't a medical cure for some of this stuff, & we can drive ourselves crazy (and go broke) trying to find one. There may be some survival reason for the body to get tired, etc. Sometimes I give in to the fatigue, but that makes me feel kind of weak and guilty for taking an afternoon nap or whatever. I do feel better if I force myself to get some exercise, or get busy, but that can be difficult, I know! Perhaps the better thing is to find some ways of accepting some of the changes we're going through.

It sucks, I know. I posted a link to powersurge above.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm sorry that we're all having fatigue problems. Most of the time I just feel guilty for it, but I can't force myself to do things, when all I want to do is lie on the floor. I guess my "motivation" is running on empty. Carina, you are right, in that sometimes we just have to stop searching for an explanation and a cure, and just ride the wave. I also have Fibromyalgia with tons of fatigue, and perimenopause has really worsened it. I have sort-of learned to just appreciate those few days when I have a little energy, and wait for them to hopefully return.
I DO have that problem you spoke of, of thinking there is a solution somewhere, and I MUST find it. Maybe I'll try more to just "live in the moment" and make the best of it. Thanks.

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Catherine...it is easier said than done, I know! I'm not very good at accepting things myself, its human nature to want to figure things out and change them. I'm sorry you have fibromyalgia, that sure doesn't make anything easier for you.

Having said that, I'm going to go lie on the couch and read a book, and the h**l with doing something useful!

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The fatigue has gone beyond fatigue for me. I cant even concentrate enough to read a book. And Catherine you are right, being incapcitated is not easy. The fear comes that it will not just go away. I have also tried every vitamin known to mankind. And I eat well. The weight just keeps falling off. Like I am being catabolized. I was a healthier 112. And now cant keep 98lbs. 5'6 too thin and I eat eat eat. Doc always assume I am anorexic. Then they see my intake and are taken aback. Hope you all get through this.

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If you are feeling fatigued,please get to a doctor and ask for some tests. I went and found out I was anemic,started taking prescription iron and B-vitmin pills. which brought up my iron count but I still felt tired all the time. I couldn't keep up my hopusework. Then suddenly Oct 27 last yaer I had a stroke,went to the hospital. They found I had both high blood pressure and kidney failure. The kidney failure is permanent, and I will soon be starting dialysis. I just want to warn EVERYONE that fatigue is NOT a normal state. IF you are fatigued,first you must rule out potential physical problems. Next, it may be a state of depression. As everyone knows, depression is not just a feeling of sadness. It is often a chemical problem,which acn be treated.

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I wish I could find an anti-depressant that I could tolerate. Any ideas. Lorran

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Oh yeah plus i have kidney problems yet so why do you think im sitting here talking on this forum and I gat work to do?? i told my dr once I feel like I died and somebody forgot to tell me....

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My best friend is in perimenopause-she had terrible fatigue/lack of libido--it ended up being a slow thyroid which is common at that time,she's got something for it and is much better-something to ask the doctor to check.

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manoman thankgoodness i'm not alone...altho i guess i can no longer deny that i'm NOT perimenopausal darnit. I can't concentrate, i've been SO depressed i've had thoughts of suicide (thankgoodness G*d's on my side) and the mood swings, good grief! they get worse and worse, and i'm exhausted quite often. I finally took myself to the doctor

Lorran, have you asked your doctor about zoloft? it's the same thing as prozac and paxil only better because it doesn't have all the EXTRA ingredients in it. One 50mg zoloft is the same size as one 20mg paxil, that's 30mg of stuff your body does NOT need, like speed...for some reason pharmaceutical companies (and most doctors) think that depressed people need speed, quite frankly, trembling for five days (to the point that my teeth chattered) is NOT my idea of an antidepressant.

I've been on zoloft for hmmm seven? weeks now and i'm having a lot of fun rediscovering myself LOL! The utterly sad, hopeless feeling is down to one day and something like an hour or two on two separate days, versus two or three weeks of complete and utter sadness YAY!!! and the exhaustion is now sporadic instead of every day too

as for libido, well, it's neither here nor there, i don't think about it or initiate any more, altho i certainly enjoy myself when DH does LOL! but i'm going to try some sort of homeopathic cream my best friend uses and recommends, see if i can't jump start something LOL!

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Ladies - look at my post on low thyroid.

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