A new symptom??

figitttsFebruary 14, 2010

Hi all. Well I have had all the symptoms and now I was wondering if anyone else has had this yet.. For the last week it seems my eyes are gong to give me a fit again. I have been having what feels like sandpaper in my eyes. yeah I know it sounds like a allergy symptom but I have not dont anything new that might cause a allergy to pop up all of a sudden. So my ? is has anyone else had this one pop up on them? Sounds stupid but I think I go from one thing to the next so until I find out something different I will assume it is yet another darn thing from menopause. lol

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Hi figittts,
Its quite common to get dry eyes with menopause. Everything is drying up! ;)
Also, some people can develop Sjogren's, which is an autoimmune disease that dries your eyes and mouth up. But yours is probably just from falling hormones.
You could try otc eye-moistening drops and see if that helps. There's always something, isn't there?

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Hello all,
I wanted to know if anyone else gets strange headaches. The type I'm talking about is a dull sort of ache. Its difficult to describe really because it comes on all of a sudden like a punch to the head and I also feel sick when I get it. It feels like its right in the middle of my brain if that makes any sense. I don't get them everyday just out of the blue. Is this another symptom or something else. Keep well everyone.

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Hi Hun,

Yep I know just what you are talking about... I think mine is just another symptom. Kind of a migraine I think.. Sometimes I get the feeling like I am just downright stupid. My mind hurts and feels blah.. It has to be another hormonal thing.
I seem to go from having severe hot flashes night sweats to this strange stupid feeling. Maybe it has something to do with the hormones being lower or higher at this time. Is any of this making any sense? lol..

I am having depression issues this week and the hot flashes have subsided some. It feels weird to actually sleep all night long and be cold for a change instead of sweating!!!

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Hello again,
Well, this has been a lousy week so far. I am SO tired just now and have this headache thing. I've also today got that strange numb feeling in the middle of my forehead coming and going.....does anyone else get that one? The headache could be my blood pressure so I think I'll go get it checked out. Also my sex life recently is non existant cos I just can't be bothered and tho' he isn't saying anything, I know my husband is getting peed off with me. He's going away for a few weeks work next week and I have to say I'm looking forward to sleeping on my own cos I get a better sleep. I definately feel like I have PMS just now but I havent had a period this month so maybe it'll arrive next week. I'm hoping I don't get it cos I've only had one in the past 11 months and that was the beginning of Jan. I was starting to feel really good until that last one and thought I had come through everything. By the way figgits I have recently started getting really sore eyes like they're itchy behind my eyelids. Don't know if thats the same thing you've spoke about but I thought it was just tiredness. So glad I've got this forum to rant on cos this past few days I really feel low. Just as well I live in the UK and not the States cos you can't get hold of guns quite so easily here....I might just have shot myself by now cos I've had enough!

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It is tough I know Hun but hang in there! Just dream of those good days that are soon to come. I know what you mean about the sex life thing. My poor husband has been great but I to know it has to be affecting him sometimes. This damm cold weather is not helping here. We cannot get out and do the things we like to do . Do you have any problems sleeping? I seem to either be woke up constantly with night sweats or else I sleep like a log and then still feel unrested when I get up. The ithcy eyes thing was more like really dry irritating eyes for me most of the time. I have come to the conclusion that if it does not put me completley down then it has to be something to do with this menopause crap!!! lol.. I am tired of going to the doctors only to have them look at me like I am some kind of hyperchondriac... I wish you well and hope you get a couple good days soon.

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Hi figgitts,
I posted on here 26th Feb to say how awful I had been feelin....only a week ago! This week, not much to report and my husband and I managed to have sex twice! How can this be, how can a person go from one extreme to the other. My husband has been away this week so I have the bed to myself and I have to say I have slept like a log. He is like a furnace and I'm sure this doesn't help when I get hot. I actually feel good when I wake up. I wanted to tell you that I started taking Maca this week. I don't know if you've heard of it but I thought I might as well give it a go. I've read really good things about it as it regulates your hormones naturally. You should read up on it if you haven't done so already. Like you said in your last post, I too am tired of going to the doctor so its up to me to try and keep myself well. By the way your post also made me feel better so thank you for being there. It is good to know that others know exactly how you feel isn't it. Keep well and take care.

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Hi Hun,

Well this week has been a real B*tch.. Medical probs with memers of the family have sent my emotions to rolling again... To much to try to explain about the families medical probs. Pains in the upper right quadrant again. This is how this whole thing seemed to have started so yes Iknow it all menopause related. I went thru all kinds of tests and all is ok internally. I had it out with one of my little coworkers the other day. Little smart a** he is. When I reported him to my supervisor he just kind of blew me off I think. Not sure but I think he is assuming that because of all these nerve issues ( the family issues) I am alittle on edge.. WELL NO SHI!!! But the darn little brat still screamed and cussed at me so he should have been reprimanded. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I had a follow up apt, at my doc yesterday and my blood pressure was high and she could clearly see how stressed out I was sooooooo she suggested I start some antidepressants to try to calm my life down some. I agreed. I have been on HRT once before but told her no way was I going back on it. So I will give these a try and if my life calms back down I will try to go without them for awhile. My poor husband is always telling me he is sorry I feel so bad. I am taking a online course as well right now to try to get into a new job field so theres a little more stress. I have yet to figure out why we women take on so much. Did you ever notice men dont seem to try to do so much all at the same time? lol.. I am glad your sex life perked up, mine sure hasnt! My husband walks around limping some times cause he hurts. lol. kind of funny but then again I feel so bad when I see him doing this... well thanks for the vent.. hope you are feeling good.

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hello again to all,
Well I have slept better this past week cos my husband is working away and when I sleep alone I dont get hot. I have started to take Maca supplements but can't say if its working or not. I'm not actually very sure how long it takes to kick in. However, for the last few nights I have had unbelievable tiredness washing over me from about 7pm. I am finding it really difficult to stay awake and I am having headaches too. Just feeling really odd again. I suddenly had neck pain again yesterday which I haven't had for a good few years. Will all this ever stop?!! Any answers will be gratefully received....Good health to everyone.

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I'm wondering how many of you out there have this symptom. This just started in the past couple of weeks for me-I am itching all over and I mean all over! My skin is just so itchy at the moment. It started with what I thought was thrush but I didnt have any internal itching.It moved to the tops of my legs and now its just all over. I have had some sort of excema on the soles of my feet for a couple of years now that will not go away. I never had excema in my life until this started and I'm thinking that maybe this is a symptom of menopause too. I thought maybe it was an allergy to something but I haven't changed detergent or anything else. I'm going nuts here!!

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