I had enough , unbearable hot flashes !

reeree_naturalFebruary 22, 2008

Hi all! I usually post on other forums on here, but came on here to read what other woman are going through.

I sympathize with each and every one of you. .I am there my self. (47 Y/o) my problem is these hot flashes and night sweating.. My body feels like itÂs on fire at times.. night is the worst! My family is freezing because I always shut the heat all the way down at night, and I have our BR window open.. my husband canÂt stand it! Then after the flash goes away, I am freezing. Some times, when I am driving or in the stores..I get one and just want to rip my clothes off! does any of you get them this bad? I am up most of the night and drag all day.. I am not as energetic as I was.. far from it.. my periods are crazy as well..first got them at times 2x's a month, now it's been over a month..feels like I am going to get it..and nothing... I am not depressed, but feel bored.. ( I do have a lot to keep me busy, but just have a "bored feeling" if you can relate to that feeling.. ) winter does have this effect on me, but usually not this bad.

I will not do hormone therapy , but I am going to start taking the "right" vitamins . I donÂt eat fast food , I actually eat very healthy. . mostly organic.. so I am not sure what I can change in my diet. . but...I canÂt imagine giving up my coffee! Does any one here have a good vitamin remedy? or anything else that may ease them? Or, are we all out of luck and just have to suffer like this??

I guess we will all get through it better sooner than later I hope for all of us!


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I searched this forum and I found a lot on hot flashes..here is a link to a natural remedy that I would like to try.

here it is for those of you who missed it

Here is a link that might be useful: cured hot flashes

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