Hysterectomy and having the ovaries removed

MarionRFebruary 25, 2002

My doctor gave me the option of a hysterectomy for my problems and since I am over 45, he said it would be beneficial to also remove my ovaries. This is due to the proven studies of women over 45 getting cancer if their ovaries are not removed. Has anyone had their ovaries removed and if so, how do you feel?

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AS You know I feel S----. I wish I had left my ovaries intact. I would like to remove a few doctors testicles and give them injections of different types of testosterone and see if they get side effects and such. I bet they do.

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Has anyone had a better outcome than Lorran. I really need to hear both sides of this issue. TIA

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I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and they left my ovaries in. i tell you the dr told me you hold on to that uterus..Didnt matter i was bleeding to death. Well after we tried everything she left it up to me if I want it out she will. so we did. Im grateful for no more periods but my middle name is now shi- I feel so bads all the time. But any way after all the tests etc she told me it was good I had it out I had 4-5 things going on that all could have been serious if left go. so if I would have held on to it like she said where would I be today? Now Im getting sharp pains where my ovary is hmmm what next?

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In June 2000 the uterus went and everything was supposed to be fine. In early Dec. 2000 I noticed discomfort in left lower abdomen when I layed on it. It went away so I assumed it was a wicked ovulation. Mid-January it started again. Called the doctor. Had an ultrasound. More fibroids on the left ovary. In March I had a scan and found that the fibroids were larger. I had both ovaries removed plus a lymph node in June 2001. In six months time they had grown to the size of a football. Post-op I was miserable. Felt out of sorts for four months. I have been on Estratest since the surgery and have stuck with it and I feel almost normal.

Frankly, I had problems with heavy periods, cramping, pms from the time I started my first period at age 9. I am happy to be done with it and happy to finally feel like I can live.

Barb D.

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I had my uterus, cervix & ovaries removed 11 yrs ago this April & I have never regretted the surgery for a nanosecond. I do have to take HRT but that's OK by me. Not having to endure monthly pain, mood swings, contraception, etc. is a blessing for me.
ALso, my sex life improved tremendously b/c there was no chance of pregnancy. In my case, it's been fabulous.
Hope this helps.

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Hi Marion,
I think it's going to be hard for you to make a decision, based on everyone else's experience. I have found that women really vary, as to their responses to having hysterectomies. I think everyone should take having their uterus removed very seriously. It isn't like having your appendix out. It is so much more complicated. I understand your doc's concern about your ovaries. BUT.......if you don't have a family history of ovarian cancer, and you have occasional trans-vaginal ultrasound, I think leaving your ovaries alone is probably best. You could possibly use them for at least another 10 years.
I wish there was an easy, cut-and-dried answer for you, but there's not. It's almost a trial and error thing........you'll have to make a choice, and see how it goes. But don't always assume the doctor's suggestions about cutting things out is the best. Good luck to you!

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I had a hysterectomy when I was 37 (I'm 51 now). I have my ovaries. Sooo happy to have had a hysterectomy - really, my life improved so much - was up and about my usual routine in 2 weeks - although had to stay off my feet in the afternoons for a while because of swelling - that went away. No hormone therapy. I have been in menopause for 18 months with the lightest of symptoms. Bottom line: I'm glad I kept my ovaries - it seemed like the natural thing to do since I was 37. Not sure what I would do at 45. Have a positive attitude whatever you do and don't listen to negative people - attitude really is everything.

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