Is 42 (w/ only 1 ovary) too young? Heavy head...

theresseFebruary 10, 2012

I think my mom got menopausal when she was in her late-40's. But an ovarian cyst ruptured when I was about 27 or so, and I've also had to take hormone shots when I did in-vitro fertilization 6 years ago, then had twins (did have another child before them first though, by some miracle) maybe my body's just sorta screwed up.

My symptoms are that every so often I get dizzy (often when I'm in bed) - vertigo I guess you could call it - and other times it's more of a pressure feeling like almost dizzy but not quite - like my head's being squeezed but it doesn't really hurt. The final symptom that worries me is that I've had the strongest sensation to sleep for 2 days now - ever since the last head-squeezing-feeling episode 2 nights ago. And if I'm given the option - if I sit somewhere for a while or god forbid pull my pants off and jump in bed for 20 minutes or so for one of those really quick power naps, I'm out immediately. My period was recent enough that I know it's not PMS. While I guess it's fair to say I'm often sleep-deprived, the feeling of needing to sleep isn't usually so strong and eventually goes away during the day, even if I start the day off feeling really tired (which I always do).

My husband's saying "what if you had a stroke" but I don't know - I'm so tired - haha - that I can't bring myself to call the doctor about it. ;) And I know it won't amount to anything anyway and i'll just look like a hypochondriac haha.

So anyway I thought inquiring here would perhaps be a good starting place. Thanks!

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Hi theresse,
I've been coming to this forum for about 3 years, maybe a bit less and let me tell you it has been a life saver. My symptoms have been too numerous to mention and I hate to tell you this, but I was the same age as you are now. I too started with the overwhelming tiredness. It came totally out of the blue and like you I felt like I could sleep for days. I also had dizziness which at first was so bad for 3 days I couldnt walk anywhere without holding onto a wall. Picking my kids up from school was no fun! I also got it lying down which is really weird. Occassionally, I still have this feeling but it doesn't last long and I still get the head squeezing feeling too. My period was still regular at this time too so I didn't associate it with pre menopause. However, I'm now convinced it was the start of it. The hot flashes and night sweats didn't start till a few years later. I think maybe you should see your GP and ask him to test your hormone level. Its better to know if something is happening and then you can put your mind at rest. You are not a hypochondriac either, though being menopausal seems to make a lot of us feel that way. My GP at the time told me I was depressed! By the way, I'm now 52 so, 10 years down the line and its still not over. I really hope you get through this. This forum helps enormously. Just knowing you are not alone keeps your sanity intact. Wishing you well.

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Hun49 -

Thanks for your response! It sure is a quiet forum here huh?! I haven't felt the symptoms lately (besides tiredness, which I always feel although a lot of that probably has to do with major stress, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise) and I tend to forget all about them after they go away (what symptoms?!) so I'm glad I have record here and when they come back I can come back here and compare notes to myself (and to your helpful comments as well)! Thank you so much.

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Hi Theresse,
Just wanted to say that sometimes its very quiet on this forum, and other times there are lots of replies, so dont give up on it. Keep well.

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