Which questions should I ask doctor?

marie26February 28, 2007

Even though I've had a period the past 2 months, I didn't have one for 4 months before that. I am way past the age of getting menopause (almost 56). My main concern is that I turn into a crazy person at times for no reason. Also, I get this feeling of dread and just feel very anxious.

What questions should I ask the gyn next week at my yearly appointment concerning hormones? I know nothing about hormone therapy and am afraid of it because of weight gain. Years ago, when I was bleeding very heavily, I was given hormone therapy and gained quite a bit of weight almost immediately.

Are there other questions I should ask at my appointment?

What tests should I expect her to give me, either blood tests or any others? Should she send me for a bone density test since osteoporosis runs in my family? Should I get a test that tells if I could be in menopause?

Thank you for any help with this. I want to be prepared when I go to my appointment.

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If you are still having some periods, then you are still going through pre-menopause. True menopause is when you stop having them altogether. The process takes years for some of us. I would ask to have my sex hormone levels checked and stress hormone levels checked. Emotional upheaval seems to go hand in hand with menopausal changes in some of us.
Mrs H

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also, fibroids could be interrupting your period, they do mine.

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I went to see the doctor yesterday and besides the usual exam, she is sending me for blood tests, urine cultures, an internal ultrasound and I have another appointment set up for her to take a biopsy of the lining of the uterus. She said this is just to make sure there is nothing else going on.

When I described all my nuttiness to her, she just said "That sounds about right". She didn't push for hormone therapy and made it sound like it's my choice completely. She also said that this wouldn't necessarily give me weight gain.

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