Menopause is Great for me!

loriwooFebruary 8, 2010

I am having a great experience with coming into menopause,, I had night sweats for about 2 weeks, then they backed off and I got my period, only 3 days a small amount, now I am feeling SO GOOD and I have so much more energy than when I bled to death every 3 weeks!

take heart,, maybe it isn't all that bad once you get to a certain point. I am hopeful that I will continue along easily, but I feel bad for you who are having difficulties.

I didnt' take anything, I just went to bed later so I was more tired, drank about 10 glasses of water a day rather than 6 and I ran outside when the weather was fit.

Good luck all!

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It's great that you shared your positive experience. It reminds me that a negative attitude can worsen the difficult time I've been having for two years now. There are positive aspects to menopause, but they get forgotten when I'm looking around for a towel to dab my neck and face with for the zillionth time in a day. I'm going to make a concscious effort to be more grateful that I'm otherwise in good health and still able to turn a young male head now and then!

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things continue to go well, although some problems. I got another period 2 weeks ago, the first 24 hours I went through wearing THREE super absobent products at one time for a total of 50 products, I was changing every 2 hours, it was horrible.
then it suddenly stopped and I am getting my energy back. My energy is coming back sooner, though, than it used to when I had a period every month.
the night sweats have gone mostly completely away now that I can again exercise outside.
the water intake is very important to my reduction of hot flashes I have noticed. For some reason, milk makes my bladder overactive.
Strange things I am figuring out to make my transition work for me. it is still better than the monthly cycle,,
Good luck all!

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