Hi, I'm pretty new here. I have some questions.

kris_miFebruary 7, 2003

I have been reading your posts because I guess I'm coming up to this time in my life..will be 38. What are the symptoms of menopause?

Why do you take HRT for it? What does it do?

What would happen if you didn't take it when you start meopause?

Thank you for any insight into this. I did read that Dr. Lee's book...???I'm not sure what I thought about that.


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I was told you get symptoms 10 years before you even go through menopause, My problem was severe fatigue,severe bleeding overall feeling bad,headaches,. rapid heart beats. I did have a hysterectomy,My dr gave me a good book to read about women tinking they had some dreadful disease going through menopause. It talked how some thought it was something serious and committed suicide.some women take harmones Like hrt I dont I still have my ovaries.

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Thank you bulldinkie. I was wondering about the rapid heart beat occassionally, and face feeling hot? But not both at the same time. Do you get all sweaty? Do you get sweaty and/or fast heartbeat when you get excited?-like when you're talking on the phone and having a good time but not really doing anything?
Night sweats-do you just wake up sweaty, or are you not comfortable? When I get upset I seem to "tighten up" and not really have trouble breathing, just not comfortable breathing...a few deep breathes and calming thoughts and it gets better. Anyone else have this? I can do tons of work and aerobic exercises (like shoveling a ton of snow, running up and down stairs, playing tag etc...) and not have any trouble breathing...just when I'm upset and sometimes when I wake up in the morning, but not all the time. My heart will beat real fast too. I sometimes wake up sweaty and just change my jammies and go back to bed.
I'm just wondering if this is the beginning? Is this the age..38. My cycle is still very normal, and I'm not overly scared about menopause, just wondered if some of the things I'm going through are signs..Thank you

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Yes sounds like it,Its not fun...I wake up nights my nightie is soaked mostly chest area,hair.I remember walking in drs office already and he says why is your face,neck all flushed.There is a test your dr could tell if you are going through it,another good way is to find out from your mother when she went through it, my mother passed away at 46 so that was out of the question. Read up and Opray had a good show on it awhile back.

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Do you know of any non-commercial (if that's the right word)
books about menopause?
Thanks much!

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bulldinkie-I'm sorry about your mom.

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do you have a dr or gyn you could ask?I have one but not sure what I did with it. The one she gave me was one you could get. It was great It explained everything alot of the symptoms I was having. I just know from experience I went down hill ,feeling bad alot,bad headaches etc. Its scary like It said women committed suicide because they thought they had cancer or some other disease they were scared.Im gonna be 38 in about 1 week or so. Im finally starting to have some good days,can sleep, I would go months all I do is toss and turn get up,you know after awhile that gets to you, no sleep.It really can affect women in alot of ways.Ill see if I can find that book.

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My age is wrong up there Im gonna be 48..a big difference..ha I wish.

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TeeHee! That's good, because I was sitting here thinking yesterday that I said I was 38, but I'll be 38. Not quite there yet.
Recently I was talking to someone about my DS and I said he was 4 well he'll be 7!!! Yikes! I was so embarrassed. I mean how do you correct that sort of thing?
Do you or do you not know if you have children? And if you do, do you or do you not know how old they are? LOL
Another symptom? LOL

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It doesnt get better my daughter will be 29 tomorrow. she gets upset because Im a year behind but time is goiung so fast you cant possibly remember.I know how old I am Ill blame it on not having my glasses on while typing.sounds good.

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I was looking for information as well about menopause and early onset. I posted on another thread, but when I looked, it was from so long ago.

I am 41 and and have not had a period since Oct. Can't ask Mom though I don't remember her going through anything dramatic, at least that I saw. We didn't talk much about that stuff. She was very close mouthed about personal issues. Anyway, it doesn't seem to be too unusual, but I am not happy about it.

I would try to stay away from HRT if there is any family history of cancer. I think that HRT comes in many different dosages and combinations. So there is a process where you can fine tune, just like Birth Control. It alleviates symptoms but I know there are many natural remedies, I would start there.

Well, I am just glad I'm not the only one who is experiencing this stuff before my time. I at least I would have a kid first...

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I hope I'm not being too naive about this stuff, but I am trying to look at it as a normal process of life and am hoping to laugh my way through it, as I seem to laugh my way through most everything! ~Some sentence there!..!LOL
It does feel good to know your not the only one experiencing something (bad or good) it's nice to share!

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It is a normal phase of life but there are alot of symptoms its amazing. I felt really bad for about 12 years now.seems to be leveling off some.

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I have not had a period since June 2002. I had blood work done which showed I am menopausal. It is over. For so long I thought I was skipping my period because of stress. This went on for about 2-3 years. I thought I had an infection. I wondered why I felt hot around 5:00 each night. I would actually take my temperature. I had no clue I was going through a perimenopausal phase. I am 44 now. Even my doctor said I was young to go through it. Geez, I wish there was more information about going through menopause. I am so glad to have found this site!

From what I have read..and please any advice is well received, estrogen unopposedÂmeaning no progesterone with the estrogen is dangerous. If you take Premarin which is horse urine, yes, read about how they treat those animals, I would rather choose another way.

So I am postmenopausal with a lab value of 30 of estrogen and 0.5 of progesterone. I decided to go for natural progesterone. Not synthetic, no prescription needed. Women still have estrogen but their progesterone goes to zero. I am hoping natural progesterone will help. Is anyone taking this progesterone? Do they feel better?

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I think the reason it's hard to find good information is because there are NO 2 women alike! Hey, we wouldn't want to make it easy for the men to figure things out! LOL

I agree with the fact that it is a natural process, but some do have a tough time and need help.

I'm 57 and you'd think I'd be over this by now, but I only started a couple years ago. I chose to use the natural progesterone and I'm doing fine. I don't expect to be symptom free, after all it is a change. I have had a partial Hyster. so I didn't have the periods to indicate.

I have learned also that fatigue can be a thyroid problem (which is also a hormone.) I am one who avoids prescriptions if at all possible, but I do take a low dose of thyroid med. and it helped the constant tiredness.

I think taking a good Multi Vitamin and Mineral is real important. WalMart has a very good one that is for seniors. I know you are young, but if you are going through menopause you may need the senior one. JMHO

I don't check in here often, but spent a lot of time here a couple years ago. This was a very helpful site for me.

Check over the options and be sensible, but be sure you also check out the side effects that come with some of those things that are for your convenience.

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I don't check in here very often either, but I posted the following some months ago:

Thought I'd drop by and share my experience on this thread. I'm eight years post-menopausal. My main symptoms were hot flashes (w/night sweats) and emotional swings that included some impressive rages. At the time I was also having heart palpitations and some chest pains, and had been diagnosed with lupus. In addition, I started menopause about 35 lb. overweight and added ten more once it was underway.
I argued with three doctors who wanted me to take HRT. I felt, as I do now, that for most women menopause is like childbirth: a natural process rather than a medical condition. Although my mother died before reaching menopause, I felt I would come through it in better shape if I didn't mess with nature.

I added hawthorne with motherwort to my supplements, which helped with the palpitations, and took a couple of doses of a homeopathic remedy (essence of pit viper!) for the rages. Other than that, the biggest changes I made were to my lifestyle. I traded my "healthy" high-carb, mostly vegetarian diet for a low-carb, high-protein one and lost my excess weight. I upped my consumption of tofu and soy milk for isoflavones. I joined a gym. And I went out and got a full-time job.

These many years later, I am no longer going to gym, but I'm taking up yoga. I had to quit my job to take care of my husband, but I'll eventually go back. Almost all the weight is still off. The hot flashes are long gone, along with the rest of the symptoms. I stopped the hawthorne, etc., ages ago, but still take vitamin supplements. I still eat (and enjoy) the soy foods. I'm often told that I look a lot younger than I am. My health isn't perfect, but I'm convinced HRT would have made things worse rather than better. I'm so glad I didn't listen to those doctors.

Kris, another objection I had to HRT is that the most popular prescription, Premarin, is created from the urine of pregnant horses, resulting in a horrendous situation for the rigidly confined mares and the otherwise unwanted foals they are forced to produce on a regular and rapid basis.

There are tons of books out there on alternative approaches to menopause. Try a search on amazon.com.

Best of luck,


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Thank you girls for all your responses. I have started to take a good vitamin, that seems to help overall!
I love how you all took time to respond...I really feel that sharing about our experiences help each other. It's so special.
Again, Thank you.

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