Estriol vaginal cream restore vaginal sensation?

holly_2010February 13, 2010

I am on Bi Est, testosterone and cycling progesterone in troches. All bio identical. Had all the urinary issues that said something was wrong there. But most of all when having sex recently I could not "feel" anything up there! I was noticing this for the past few years and did not put two and two together until now. I have a strong pelvic floor, a g-spot that works and can have orgasms fine. All due to the hormones no doubt.

But I have just started on the estriol vaginal cream and have read that it restores sensation up there by re enervating the nerves and estrogen receptors. I miss it terribly, I just took it for granted!

Any one got any info on this? Everyone talks about vaginal dryness, but I never got that far, just annoying urinary issues and irritable vagina and bladder the day after sex.

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I'm married, what's sex?

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