Oprah Show today! Menopause!!!! Please read!

Deb_from_PaFebruary 6, 2002

I wanted to watch it so bad because it was about women and what to expect with menopause. I didn't tape iot and my grandchildren were here and made noise teh whole way through it and I missed so much and i think it was so important. I quickly went to Oprah site and was going to buy the tape, but they are only selling the transcripts, not the tape! Man, I really want to see this as so many things they mentioned are things that I am going through right now and I would like to understand it better.

I would appreciate it if anyone did, and if they woudl copy it for me and I would pay you for it, and to mail it to me!

Thanks so much

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Deb - I saw it and was depressed about it especially the no metabolism stuff. I am sure they will rerun the show later if you don't get a copy. Good luck! Kathy_from_PA

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