Bio-identical, I'm wondering

carla17February 18, 2007

I don't remember what show but Suzanne Sommers was on TV interviewing with someone about bio-identicals. The person was pointing out that bio's may be as dangerous as synthetic hormone replacements. Do you have any thoughts on this?

I've been using progesterone cream compounded by a natural pharmacy for about 3 yrs. I know these people know what they are doing, or at least I hope so. Lately my hot flashes are at their worse and I can't get to sleep.


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Im post menopause. I say this because its been a year and a half since my last period. But my extreme symptoms started about one year after my last period. Anxiety set in. I fight it daily. I believe its our hormones withdrawing. Ive decided to try bioidenticals at this time. I need to get my life back. Has anyone tried these with success?

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I am on Prempro, but my girfriend uses Bio, it took about 6 months to feel any better. But she has breast cancer in her family so she didnt go with western medicine. They are still hormones. Of course the ins. wont pay, unless you live in Calif. and then I think they pay some. Hang in there! We all are feeling your pain. Shotzy

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I watched my mother who had a hysterectomy at 40, go on hormones then not be able to withdraw off. She's a naturally anxious person, which makes it worse. (and I understand totally that everyone is different) But I didn't want to be chained to my hormones like my mother... it's why I am afraid to do anything like take hormones.

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