Anyone else with this strange sleep symptom?

seaecho1February 5, 2006

Its happened about three times now. I'm just drifting off to sleep, and all of a sudden I feel a sudden "rush" of electricity going down from my chest to my arms, and a buzzing sensation, and I awaken with a start. I feel like I'm close to having a panic attack. Then I try to go back to sleep and the same thing happens again - three or four times before I finally am able to sleep. I have other problems like waking up at 3am and staying awake for a long time, but I know this is normal in menopause.

I'm 50, by the way, and I've having increasing migraines, hot flashes (off and on) and anxiety along with urinary incontinence (slight) for the last two years. Also, my period has always been like clockwork, and I was late 18 days one month recently, and I had two periods last month. So I guess peri is setting in!


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Hi Seaecho1,
Yes, I used to have those spells. And I've heard of other women having them too! For me, they started in my chest, and rushed outward to the rest of my body. It was like, all of a sudden, all my vessels opened up and blood surged through them. At the time I was having them, I was having a ton of other perimenopausal symptoms too.......panic, sleep problems, extreme fatigue, migraines, etc.
Does your heartrate stay regular during these episodes?
I just can't believe all the funky things that some of us have to go through during this time! I was about 50-53 when these things were their worst for me.

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Sometimes my heartbeat is regular but fast. Other times its very irregular, but I have been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse, so I'm sure this is just adding to the problem. My heart REALLY acts up badly sometimes, to the point to where I wonder if I'll survive the attack or not! The cardiologist says just to try to relax through it, but that's much easier said than done. They say everything is magnified during menopause - and pre-existing conditions can become worse. I believe that! My thyroid is more enlarged and its now bothering me, and it never has before (feels like a huge lump in my throat all the time) and with the freezing fingers and toes and the migraines and panic, I'm praying I won't have more than a year or two left of this, because I don't know if I can take it longer than that!


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Hi again Randi,
I can definitely sympathize and empathize with you! I'm just glad I had no idea that it would be so hard (and scary). Try to take consolation in the fact that you're 50 and not 40 with these symptoms!
When our hearts are doing flip flops, it does make us feel like we won't survive! And everything is worse at night too. There were so many nights when I truly didn't think I would survive until morning. Try to do some internet searches on more natural ways to get through this with a minimal amount of distress. Toprol did help me get through the worst part of the adrenalin rushes. I would go through around a month at a time, that my heart would just be faster all the time, and I would be in a constant state of panic. Then it would subside. I just knew it was those hormones!
It might not be your thyroid. I've talked to alot of perimenopausal women who have lumps in their throats. I went through a phase of having trouble swallowing things. I think our funky hormones cause our muscles to get lax, and the esophogus is a muscle.
Well hang in there will get through this! ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

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Oh ladies I am so glad I found this message board, where were ya a yr ago...justing kidding, but as I read some of your posts I see alittle of me in each post. I started the whole prememopausal thing in my 30's but boy when I hit 48 my whole world changed. The panic attacks were awful I even thought I was having a heart attack, spent hrs in the ER for them to tell me it was nothing, talk about feeling foolish not to mention what it costs me. I won't write my whole experience but I will share if anyone thinks it may does get better but living through all the changes can be rough, its like someone came in and stole the body you were used to having all these yrs.

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OH, I am so happy to hear I am not the only one!!! I would wake up and feel a surge of "electricity" going down my arms to my finger tips. I would think I was starting to fall apart!!! It only happens at night. I also hear a rushing sound in my left ear. Does it go away?

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