My MIL..grrrr

liesbethFebruary 15, 2009

So my MIL invited us out for dinner...and then asked if we had enough money to pay for ourselves. How typical.

It's like giving the grandkids a present; like a toy that needs a battery. And even though she knows the battery is not included she doesn't buy it to go with the present. Nooooo, that is too expensive. We have to buy the batteries for HER present! So there's my SD with her new toy but she can't play with it, how nice!

And yes, my inlaws do have enough money and no they did not grow up in the great depression, she's just like that.

And today it annoys me..pfff...ok now I have my silly little vent and I feel better again! Have a nice day!

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She asked her own son and his GF/wife/SO to pay for their own dinner? Wow. If you cannot afford taking people out, then don't, right?

Some people are so cheap it is embarassing. One of my friends and his wife invited group of people to celebrate his birthday and a restaurant. We all paid for ourselves but at the end somehow they were like couple of bucks short. They literally conducted investigation how come money is short. My SO offered to pay whatever extra just to end an embrassement. They refused and sat there half an hour recalculating the bill. They are well off but are so cheap it is discusting.

Once for my brithday they gave me a pack of small paper dinner napkins, I am not joking, the kind for $2.99, they were green so supposedly not as bad as regular white ones but still. It was dark in a restaurant and my SO cannot see much wihtout glasses so he sees something square and green with a ribbon and says "Oh how pretty!" He thought it is a little jewerly box. When we got home and he saw what it was, he said he is glad he is blind otherwise he would say something right there. LOL

Since then we have a joke, every time we are invited to any birthday party we say: should we get them some paper towels, toilet paper or tissue box? hahahah

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I know a couple like that. We all used to go out together, 3 couples, and split the bill evenly. But this one couple would always order a lot of drinks and the most expensive food on the menu, then plead they were short.

They also liked to entertain a lot, which meant they would open their home but ask everybody to bring food and drinks. They were then set for the next week with leftover food, I'm sure. Both had good jobs, too.

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My MIL invited the entire family to their house last year for Thanksgiving. Instead of a turkey she had ordered a prime rib. The rest of us pitched in salads, veggie trays, rolls, etc. so the entire meal wasn't dumped on them. At the end of dinner she told us that we each owed her $10.00 for the prime rib. No kidding. Not only did she invite us for dinner and I made a huge salad, rolls and chips and dip we also had to fork over $20.00 for the meat.
She does this kind of crap all the time.
For Christmas we get a list of things she wants every year and if you get her something that she didn't specifically ask for she will send it home with you or another family member. Years ago I bought her a really pretty jewelry box and found out later she sent it home with DH sister in law because it wasn't on her list of things and she didn't need one. I was furious.

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