HRT and mood swings?

liz_hFebruary 8, 2008

I just started Combi-Patch for hot flashes. It has reduced but not eliminated them. But I now find myself getting almost weepy at times for no particular reason. I even got very upset over an episode of Law & Order! Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a question of adapting to the hormones, or is it likely to continue?

My doctor said she prescribes either this patch or oral bio-identical hormones. She has a slight preference for the patch as the dosage is less. ALso, my insurance doesn't cover any compounded medications, but I'm willing to consider them.

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I have read that it takes at least 3 months for HRT to kick in. Until then you may experience some low estrogen symptoms. Weepiness can be a symptom of low estrogen. Perhaps it is just too soon to tell but perhaps you could call you Dr.s office and ask someone there.


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Thanks bullsigh. I'll give my dr. a call. In my case, the extreme moodiness didn't kick in until I started the HRT at age 51. I don't know if waiting until full menopause made the difference. Once I started the patch I had a sudden increase in estrogen. At least Today I feel sane!

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I've been on the combi patch for almost a year now... I don't remember getting weepy at all... but I was already at my wits end with my life/family/insomnia/hot flashes prior to starting the patches that as long as all those things improved I probably wouldn't have noticed anything else going on! I do remember that the dr was very insistent that I come back I think in 6 weeks and then at another 6 week point when I started them, to make sure all was ok and that dose levels didn't need to be higher... supposedly this patch is the lowest HRT available?? anyway, I think the schedule was 6 weeks, 3 months, then 6 months later, and then 1 year from the sttart... thus I see the dr again next month...

Give it some time... do you have a followup appointment scheduled? If not, maybe that's in order for the dr to re-assess your and the dosage.

Isn't it wonderful to start to feel semi-normal once again??? My 15 yo DD calls them my 'happy hormones' and if I'm at all crabby will ask if my patch is due to be changed!!!!

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The weepiness and emotional lability didn't last long - 2 weeks or less. The good news is that the hot flashes have almost gone. The bad news is that I also had a period again! I don't know why I thought they had finally stopped - it hadn't been nearly a year, I guess it was wishful thinking.

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I do the bioidentical hormone pellets. They changed my life completely!

My gyn does blood labs and implants the pellets in my hip about every 3-4 months. It is the easiest method I have found and I feel better than I have in years! The pellets took care of all my menopausal symptoms and more!

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hi what are biodentical hormone pellets what are they for im 46 and perimenopausal i have no medication for my symptoms ie palpatations hot sweats panic attacks the only thing im taking which is helping is magnesium and calcium when i get the palps bad

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