Looking Down Over Post WOW!!!!!

bulldinkieFebruary 8, 2002

I swear I think i have all symptoms,No sleep,Heart palpatations,Tired all the time,Weight gain,headaches,vision problems.etc etc. My body is going to hell.....I also have thyroid problems to top it off. How Do these !00 year old people feel I FEEL LIKE IM 100. I think i died and someone forgot to tell me..Isnt it enough i had alpost an 11 lb baby and 2 10 lb ders, I suffered I did my duty now let me age in peace. Im only 47.

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It must be the age, I am also 47 and feel the same. I think God should have reversed the way we age. we should start out old and feeble then work downward thru the years till we return to a baby. that way we wouldn't be able or have the knowledge to gripe about anything. sounds like a plan to me. I always thought when kids get grown and out I would be a ball of fire, young at heart and ready to roll, nope didn't happen!

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