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missy52February 22, 2009

Hello, Just wanted to share what is working for me. I've tried many products but these are really making a difference.

1) Sleeping in Socks - sounds strange but really works. I was suffering from nightly episodes of multiple hot flashes in a short period of time. The first night I wore the "right socks" these stopped and have never returned. It is important that the socks not be to heavy and must be breathable. The best ones I've found are No nonsense Bamboo liner socks. Naturally breathable and ventilated.

  1. Chillin Pillow - cooling pillow When I do have a hot flash this pillow is so refreshing. I keep it next to my pillow and just roll over for instant relief. (This is not a knock-off of a well advertised pillow - completely different) Give these products a try. They are low cost and effective. Sleep better - Feel better!
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Missy, I am very glad you are finally getting some sleep.
But socks? That is definetly a "who would of thunk". But what the heck, what can it hurt to try. I am sleeping with my socks on tonight!
I have a small fan next to bed that I turn on as soon as I wake up with a flash.

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Hi Lori, Did the socks help you? It really is important to wear a lightweight breathable sock.

Has anyone else tried the socks or Chillin Pillow?

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I don't get it. When I get night sweats, I'm soaking wet and it happens while sleeping. So then I wake up freezing cold and need to warm up, change pjs and sheets. A fan and a cold pillow seem the opposite of what I need. Do you think it's because my sweating is more aggressive than most? Is anyone else like this?

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Regarding: Waking-up soaking wet. I know everyone is different, but I also experienced waking-up soaking wet without any awareness of being hot. This was the beginning of night sweats for me. At this point it only happened on occasion. As the night sweats became more frequent, several per night, I started waking-up as soon as I started feeling hot. I did all kinds of things to cool-off, thus avoiding the soaking wetness, but it sure ruined my sleep. The secret is find a way to cool-off without having to completely wake-up. And of course, the fewer the better.

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Missy, No, unfortunately, the socks did not help :-(
I had breast cancer, so I am limited as to what I can take. I just started a new supplement, adding it to what I already take. It is dl-phenylalanine, 550 mg. I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I have only taken it for 2 days, but I think I might be getting less flashes at nite. Which is my biggest problem. I have them about every 2 hours, which was a relief, because prior to that, I had them every hour or more frequently. Day time is not bad at all. It seems if I keep busy I have less.

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Hi Missy - re waking up soaking wet. Yes I'm getting to see this is complicated/different for so many: thanks for your response. This sweating in sleep has been happening for a about 8-9 months, which I suppose is a relatively short time. Just seems long! I hate seeing doctors but did go to a new doc who checked my (older) records and said, I don't know how you have been surviving and joked that I need to go to my neighbour an borrow a cup of estrogen as level was extremely low. This was about a week and a half ago. Today I just woke up from my first normal sleep (long nap- schedule still screwed up) in all these months. Yeah!! I have also recently replaced the overhead bedroom light with a nice quiet fan (with light) which might be helping too. I'm going to look for a cool pillow to use before the sweats. Now just hoping the side effects of the estrogen supplements are going to subside. Makes me too sick still to take more than a third of the prescribed dose.

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Sounds like things are looking up. I don't have any medical reasons to avoid HRT - just afraid of the side effects. I didn't know if it was ok to post suppliment info. I tried a few, but have gotten the most relief from soy isoflavones. I also have a ceiling fan. I used to keep the remote next to me. It was helpful, but you have to be really awake to hit the right button, and it drove my hubby crazy. He would wake-up every time. Two not sleeping is absolutly worse than one :)

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HI- Just an update. I mentioned these items on another forum. Although the socks have not helped everyone, most who try it do get measureable relief. I have also received alot of positive feedback from those trying the Chillin Pillow.

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