Staining in between since pap smear exam

marie26February 11, 2005

I am almost 54. Four years ago, I had staining between periods and the doctor tested me and found large fibroids. I was given pills for a short while and my periods became regular until now.

I went for a pap smear a month ago which was normal but the fibroids are still large (according to the doctor during the exam). Anyways, since the exam I have been staining continuously. Is this just coincidence? Must I go back to the doctor? Or how long should I wait it out?

I had dental work done and have been on pain killers for the past couple of weeks. Could this be causing the breakthrough bleeding?

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Hi Marie,
I'm not real familiar with fibroids.......but maybe when he scratched you for the pap smear, he dug into part of the circulation of the fibroid? I guess I'm less concerned, since your pap was normal. Is it fresh-looking blood, or old stuff? If it's bright red, I think I would go back to the doctor. You also don't want to get anemic over the long run. If it's darker, old stuff, I don't think I'd worry about it and would probably give it another month. Good luck!

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