It's day 58!

Joanne_57February 4, 2002

I'm new here today, & thought I'd ask before the 15th.

This is day 58, since my last period, previously I had only two (or was it three?) other times that I went 50 days, and both those times I was ready to Blow!! Last Monday I hated all the men at work, & needed to keep a low key to avoid me freaking out. Horrible Hormones!! (& hemmorhoids-ooh!)

I'll be 45 in July. I laughed at Sultana's post "just shoot

me", but I can also associate with alot of her points.

Is this normal to have one period every 2 months? I have an app't w/the Gyn end of March, I really don't want to go any

sooner. Thanks all for any tips.


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It's indicative of peri-menopause, I would say, rather than describe it as "normal". You are probably not ovulating every month, which is bound to happen sooner or later. Some women stop ovulating in their 40's, others in their 50's. Some even in their 30's.

The problem is, of course, that lack of ovulation causes a hormonal imbalance, which is evidenced by the symptoms you described. Many women find relief by using the natural progesterone cream from the health store.

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Perimenopause *is* normal. As is menopause, just as menstruation and pregnancy are normal. There's no need to "treat" perimenopause. There is certainly no need to spend your hard-earned money on a scam like progesterone cream.

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Well ok. I'm normal
Most people who know me think I'm far from normal- Hah!
That cream, just curious, do you rub it all over your body?
The only real problem I hate, is when I can't control my
misery-mood, other than that I must consider myself lucky,
Oh, except those damn hemorhoids!!
Thanks, Joanne

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Joanne........I am far from normal also, more now than ever before. LOL This menopause thing is creating a lot of abnormalities in me. The cream I rub 1/4 teaspoon on different parts of my body twice a day. That's all do for 21
days and then I stopped for 7. It is okay and I do really feel the difference. Good Luck Les

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