It's terrifying :(

sugarchaletFebruary 20, 2008

I'm 42 yrs old, and I've been experiencing perimenopausal night sweats for 2 years. And now in the past 4 months I've had this very strange feeling in my head, and it's very scary. It comes on suddenly, and it's hard to describe. It feels like an all of a sudden "almost" dizzy feeling, it's not a light headed feeling, and it's not actually dizzy, it's just very weird. And everytime it happens it scares the bajeebers out of me, it's like "oh no, what's happening" feeling. I don't know if it's perimenopausal stuff or what. Has anyone experienced something like this?

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There was a similar discussion here a few months back that I'll link for you. It seems to be fairly common.
Mrs H

Here is a link that might be useful: weird head feeling discussion

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I have that too - kinda like a phantom train rushing through your brain - woosh! I am 49, just entered menopause in December. It can be a scary feeling for sure.


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I have been having the same thing for a month now. It is so scarry. This week I had a brain CT, which turned out normal, all kinds of blood work all normal. This feeling is not fun.

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I really feel for you because I have had this for two years now and nobody can tell me what it is! I posted on here last week asking for any help and especially using anything natural. It really is a hard thing to describe and yes it is terrifying. When mine started it actually went into vertigo so bad that I was hospitalized.They did cat scans,an MRI, blood work, etc..., and found nothing! I have been to just about every doctor out there, including a couple of natural doctors! Most think it is all in my head(LOL)others had no idea and one told me to live with it!! Of course that was a man!!!! Anyway I have done so much research on menopause and finally some women who have had dizziness. Still no one had a cure. I just happened to come upon this forum and was I ever happy.Still I haven't found a cure yet, but it is really nice to know that so many others have experienced this and that I am not crazy!!! The only thing that I can tell you is to keep checking in on this forum and maybe we will find something. I am going to check into the back issues of the forums and see what is there. I really believe in doing it the natural way, even though if there was a drug out there that could take this awful feeling away, I just might use it:)
Hang in there sugarchalet there has to be an answer!!

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I also have this feeling, almost like I'm going to pass out, not only that , but also my heart starts palpitating, I can't believe how many women have these symptoms and no one can give an explanation, I start thinking i'm having a Heart Attack, but, then it subsides, what the heck is going on?

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I also have strange sensations in my head. I sometimes think I am going to have a stroke. I can remember having these feeling when I was pregnant. I often thought that I may forget who I was, I just felt weird. After the birth of our son, I never felt this again until I had a complete hysterectomy at 39. I am now 45 and occasionally feel this weird sensations mostly at night.

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I've had this sensation, too. I cannot describe it. It has only happened a couple of times over the past 6 months or so. I am 44 and I am sure I am perimenopausal. I had what I believe to be my first migraine ever last night, complete with vomiting. My periods are weird.

(Just got to this forum and am looking forward to reading more.)

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