No cycle in 4 months. I'm 42..why?

potatoFebruary 9, 2002

I am in post below this describes my situation in detail...but..i was wondering if any of the ladies here have had no period in months, and if not, do you feel worse or better? Do you use any HRT when you dont have a cycle anyway in that month? What do you do? I am concerned but my doc isnt. Havent seen my cycle in 4 months even with supplemental progesterone ONLY twice!!!.....i just dont want uterine build up to cause i want to shed..give me your input on this...thanks

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I have missed several periods, 2-3 months at a time...I have PMS symptoms, but no period. Then bam, two weeks of bleeding. Yuck. I recently went off the minipill (I was taking it to stay regular) and feel much bloating or breast tenderness, and my skin is clearing up. My goal is to go through this whole process without HRT.

Your experience sounds normal to me. I have been going through these cycles for about 4 years. Brace yourself!

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My periods stopped all at once when I was 41 years old. I am 54 now and not taking any HRT. The doc wanted me too, but when I asked if my periods would come back they responded, maybe. Well, that convinced HRT for this chick!
Good luck, Kathy G in MI

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I started missing periods at about the same age and I was post menapausal by 46 and began taking HRT specifically Prempro because it has estrogen and progestrone both. No periods or bleeding, no more hot flashes or night sweats, sex is normal again and I feel just like I when I was in my 30's, except I would say I enjoy sex, but don't get'cravings' for it like when I was younger. I've kept my figure(with a little work), but enjoy knowing that I'm not going to 'shrink'(lose height),get weak bones or go to a post menapausal figure(keep your waist). I'm 52 now.

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I went irregular at 40, and stopped altogether at 42. Doc says anytime after 35 is normal, and except for the occasional hot flash (just stick your head in the freezer for a minute and rip off your clothes, and get your hair away from your face), I'm fine. No drugs, and I've been on heavy calcium (no vitamin D in it) for years. Just upped it a bit.

Mom is 80, and never did go through menopause, just stopped. Maybe I'll be lucky, too.

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i turned 44 this past weekend -- i swear i've been in perimeno since i was 18, started regularly skipping 2 or 3 months since then with the longest time of no flow being 3 years and 10 months in my late 20s, i've had night sweats at certain times of the month since my mid 20s as well as all the PMS symptoms regardless whether i got it that month or not...vicious vicious mood swings...but when i hit 40 all of a sudden i was regular as clockwork...up until this past august, only been twice since then 3 weeks late and 2 weeks late -- this last one i had that can't-stand-the-thought-of-food-quease all day long, EVERY day to the point of hardly eating anything, yet i gained 14 lbs in 4 weeks...

i'm planning on going to a nurse practioner for blood tests to check thyroid and liver function since i no longer have a gall bladder, figure out a therapy for me, be it herbs or progesterone cream -- i'm bound and determined to "get fixed" LOL!

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I was cruising this board for just this question and found it immediately. What a relief to know that I'm not the only one. The doctor didn't say it was normal when I asked, she just looked confused and said I was too young for menopause.
I am 41 years old, and haven't had a period since October. I have had no other symptoms, though sometimes I feel warm unexpectedly, but it's not a HOT flash.

My question to the other posters is about whether or not they have had children. I have not and took birth control pills for twenty years and stopped two years ago. DH and I didn't conceive in that period of time and now it's all stopped altogether. We do not want to take heroic measures, we are just finally in a place where it would not be a bad thing. I was kinda thinking it would work out, everything in it's own time. I guess Mother Nature is telling us we are done.

Thanks for posting here, I'm glad I'm not alone...

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It is so encouraging to see that I am not alone! I feel so young to be going through this! I am 44 and I haven't had a period since December. I suddenly began having night sweats and hot flushes. Today is my annual GYN visit ... so I'm curious to see what he will have to say. I've already made up my mind that I don't want HRT. I'd rather try natural remedies.

Has anyone else thought they might be PG when they first missed periods? Up until my last period in December, I was as regular as clockwork -- just maybe a bit heavier than normal. Never did I dream I could be perimeno! My first thought was "oh oh ... " ...

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Wow! This is my first visit to this board and I feel so much better already.

I'm 43 and I am almost 2 months late (but spaded/ie: dogwoman lol). I have three children. I was waking up with just my neck sweating last month and now I just wake up several times during the night. Do I need to make a GYN appointment? I donÂt have any health insurance but I would go to the doctor if it would serve a useful purpose. IÂm not really interested in getting on anything. I hate to take any medicine (I know I'm weird). My Mother passed away three years ago so I can't get any information from her.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated. TIA

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I have 4 kids and you just learn to go with the "hot flash" flow. In cold weather it is not a "bad thing", except for the males around you who are freezing. As they say in Poland, "Tuffski, sh*tski"! Or at least that is what my FIL used to tell me. Actually, my DD thought those were REAL Polish words. lol,lol She was in Med school before she found out NOT! And in the warm weather, you just turn on the AC full blast TS to all the males around you. As my hubby says, he doesn't dare say a word ..... just pass the afghan!
Kathy G in MI

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"just stick your head in the freezer for a minute and rip off your clothes, and get your hair away from your face"

LOL! Somehow, I don't think this would be appropriate in my office. Well, at least not that middle part.

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I feel weird discussing this at a web forum. It's embarassing enough discussing it with my doctor. I am forty two and experiencing the same symptoms as you. I was in a car wreck a couple months ago. Since My periods have dropped from 5 days to two. this is totally unheard of for me. I'm the person who never missed a day on her period accept once. They've always been like clock work and never lasted less than 5 days. For this change to suddenly take place I'm little concerned. I got a rash from pool water that hasn't cleared up. I've been running a fever since April. Just curious what this could be. I don't want to go through menapaus yet. My birthday is tomorrow. I'll be forty three. I'm just not ready for these changes. Shocked!

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Im 43 and since im 15yrs my period comes every 28 days I can set my watch to it. back in March i went to the doctor because I was just feeling off (jittery emotional neverous etc) he did a full harmonel panel,thyroid panel and full bloodwork. I have now shown through every 6 weeks that my hypothyroid is leveled....the harmone panel at the time came out normal...I then went and had my full yearly Gyno all was good and I did unform my gyno that i am now Hypothyroid he said this is very common. I was due for my period on July 19th ...3 weeks later not a show not a symptom. I am in disbelief that It can be menopause although my mom grandma and sister were all fully done by Gyno also looked at me in disbelief when i brought this up to him. I actually took 3 pregnancy tests in the last 3 weeks and of course they are negative. I have 4 children that were born from when i was 30yrs up until 39yrs I lost a baby in utero at 5 months when i wa 35. Other than thyroid i thank God I have no other medical issues. any imput helpful

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So glad to have found this forum. I can't remember the last time I had a period. I know it's been over 6 months. I'll be 46 next month. I have been experiencing hot flashes. My youngest child is 6 years old and he's one of 8. So I'm guessing this is it for me? I don't take anything and really don't plan on it. But I tend to get bloated a lot and sometimes I look like I'm 2-3 months pregnant, blah. Is bloating normal?

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Reading your post sounds so much like mines. I am 43 soon to be 44 this month going on 3 months with no period my last cycle was in December. I am due to see my GYN this week, been really stressed looking forward to finding out what is going on with me I took 3 home preg. All neg. And 1 preg. At my dr. Office neg. As well.

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I have been in menopause for 2 years already-I'm 42, so at the age of 40, following a extremely stressful couple of months. I believe in my heart and body that it is not my lack of eggs, but more the stress causing everything to be out of whack. I am extremely depressed, angry and the mood swings are legendary. I cant sleep, gained weight and fatigue. what a bunch of crap. I have tried herbal remedies, didnt work at all for me, hence my belief that imbalances are more related to all hormones out of whack. my dhea is low, as is my cortisol (took 2 years of fighting to even have it checked). When I went in 2 years ago because of my missed periods, they did a quick fsh test, said you are menopausal, heres some info on hrt. It was like a 3 minute conversation. I was reeling to say the least. I am starting on bioidenticals now, just to feel human again. My doctor treats on symptoms though, and I want to cycle my bioidenticals-not static dosing. I had to fight with her on that too. Do your research if you decide to go bios-most doctors dont do it right. Frankly, it sucks being menopausal this young. My husband is annoyed with me, my friends dont understand, and I just feel so darn alone, and the worst part is I am trying to fix it, but nothing is working.

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I'm happy to see this thread. I'm 44, hot flashes started around age 40, no period in about 8 months, SEVERE hot flashes and night sweats, and now acne (I never had acne as a teen) I'm tired all the time because the nigh sweats wake me up. I've just started using apple cider vinegar, its supposed to help the night sweats, not sure if its working me please :(

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Hello, I am happy that all of you are sharing your experiences since I have found most doctors don't educate you on this matter. In my late 30's I was under the impression that I could become pregnant any time in my 40's. Most older women would tell me I would not go through menopause until my 50's. Little did I know it was based on their own experience. I always considered myself a late bloomer in life, since I was very sheltered girl and in my mid 30's I started to love life by travel and being on my own. I have no children. I had decide I would get pregnant when I turned 42. I am 41 know and I am currently in shock and grieving over the realization that my period has stopped and mother nature has taken control. the loss of knowing I don't have options. My body is experiencing symptoms of having a monthly period but I do not bleed. I fear I may be a little too late and not be able to have children. I am also scared that if there is a way to get pregnant I may risk the fact that the child can be born with some form of disability.

There are two things going on right now the possibility that I can never give birth and the realization that I have entered a new stage of my life called Older Adult hood; which I know nothing about.

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Hi all stumbled across this. I have not had a period for 2 and a half years and before that 8months and 11months before that so you see they have trailed off. I have had a blood test and my FSH levels are sky high, through the roof apparently. I am 42 nearly 43. I have had a few symptoms, but nothing much in the past but am now experiencing mood changes, headaches and tiredness aswell as lack of sleep, however i am stressed as i have 2 unwell children ongoing, work loads etc. I am wondering at what stage have you come through the change, does your levels drop back again and I need to make a decision of whether or not to take hrt, there is oesteoporosis in my family but I dont ant to pump hormones in my body if I dont need to. I have ordered the relevant vitamins etc that is prescribed for the change. Just wondered what next

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I just turned 43 and no cycle 4 months now, was no more than 3 months missed before and became fluky for a while before missing. My GYN said let her know if go more than 3 months w/o, but, no insurance right now... I use Female Toner tea bags & steep 2 bags on low for 20-30 min then add 2 family size black tea bags to steep & make 1/2 gal tea w/honey and drink 1 glass per day. It took several weeks to see some improvement but now I only have 1-2 hot flashes per day instead of 10-14 and no night sweats and less irritability. Yay! But still no period. I tried BHRT for several months but had skin reactions so came off; no side effects from the tea. Some websites I read said parsley & ginger tea would help to start, maybe I'll try that. Glad to know that it's not that uncommon at least.

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I am going through the same thing. No cycle in 4 months. Is anyone losing their hair??? OMG I can't stand it all my hair is falling out. Is anyone else experiencing this in their pre menopuase symptoms??

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Yay, I finally started a couple of days ago, it is just very dark probably because I went so long without. I didn't try the parsley or ginger tea so don't know if that helps. However, I started taking Atomic Iodine for thyroid issues (1 drop per day in water) and about a week or so later I started my period. Maybe it is helping with hormonal balance or something...

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I found this forum by googling menopause. I am 45 years old and hane not had my period in a few months. I am having hot flashes throughout day and night and have rosacea/acne, which just came about two years ago and I had no idea was associated with menopause until today! I just came to the rrealization I am going through menopause a few days ago and am starting to sink into a depression after researching and realizing what this means.

Heart disease runs in my family which would be a case for Hrt but my mother developed breast cancer after taking hrt with no family history of breast cancer, so I am I obviously reluctant to take any drugs.

I feel so alone in this process. My kids are 2 and 5 so I feel like I should be in a different stage of life, not winding things down. None of my friends are going through this, even those my age.

Any suggestions on how to proactively manage this change? Ideally I'dike to get my period back (to lower heart disease risk) and find a wAy not to sink into a depression about getting old.

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Hi there, I'm sorry you're struggling with these changes but you have come to a great place for fellowship and information. I want to assure you that even though this time of life can be challenging, you will get through it and eventually feel better. It's important for you to understand this!

Meanwhile, it's very possible your period will return, stick around for a while, go away again, and so on. Make an appointment with your gyn to talk about the changes that you've been experiencing. Bring up specific concerns and if necessary, tests can be done to calm your nerves. I often wondered if I had Lyme disease/arthritis/chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, heart problems, panic disorder, to name a few. Eventually I came to realize that the vast majority of my symptoms were hormone related due to perimenopause.

Your body is going through some very big changes -- this does not mean you are getting old!! You will feel better once your body adapts to these hormonal fluctuations.

It helps to share your concerns with other women, so you might consider checking with a local hospital to see if they offer groups for perimenopause. Connection with others is important during this time. You need support, especially since you have young children to care for. You need someone to listen to you and understand what you're going through.

Many women swear by certain supplements. Check with your doctor about these, though you might find that he/she will say you don't need them. I took and continue to take Vitamin D, fish oil, CoQ10, and B12 as well as a multivitamin. There are many other supplements that might provide some relief for various symptoms you're experiencing. Go through this thread and you'll find all kinds of suggestions.

Many women experience insomnia which adds to their feeling of fatigue. If you are able to lay down for a rest during the day, do it. I also cannot overstress the importance of getting outside as often as you can for a walk. It helps to soothe the anxiety and depression in addition to the physical benefits.

Perimenopause began at 47 for me and ended at around 52. I feel much better now, with just the occasional hot flash and heart palpitations. Don't despair -- I now no longer feel like an old woman when I get out of bed in the morning. There was a time my muscles were so sore even the soles of my feet hurt! Try not to sit for too long -- make sure yourself get up and move a bit.

Start with the mindset that you are going to take care of yourself and things *will* get better. If anxiety and depression are getting the better of you, ask for an anti anxiety/depression med to help you. I had to do this and the relief was significant.

Let us know how you're doing and if you have any other questions, just ask!!

God bless you, and stay positive!!

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Phew. Thought it was just me. paulas2cents I was very relieved to read such an insightful post. I am 43 and have been as regular as clockwork every 28 days, until my last one where I was waiting 42 days and this one I am still waiting at 51. I track constantly as I was hoping to get pregnant. I have heard of a product called Macafem which I have ordered as it is apparently natural and helps to balance your whole system. Has anyone heard of this?

I don't have hot flushes but I am not sleeping well and all my nerves are constantly on edge. I'm presuming I'm entering peri menopause.

Thanks for a fantastic forum, it feels better knowing there are others feeling the same xx

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Hi, I noticed this forum and it had helped me a lot, I am 42 was in February, last year I missed for 3 months this year I have missed Feb and March. am so disappointed cause I thought that I would be able to get a baby at 42.

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