laVerneMaynard7February 24, 2013

I have been on black cohosh over 5 months, started with a lower dose and am up to 200 mg in the morning and 540 mg three times a week. No help so far. I'm also taking I-Cool, second month. I take a really good vitamin. I drink soy milk. I don't eat junk. I tried maca -- no help. Tried evening primrose- no help. Tried Effexor- threw it up immediately. Tried celexa - no help.
The worst thing is the anxiety. I start feeling like I HAVE to snatch up whatever food I can get my hands on and throw it down my throat. This only lasts a couple of minutes and if I do eat, it's grapes or other fruit. Then I get cold. Freezing. Then I get hot and sweat. I do this at least 4-6 times every night. Every couple of hours during the day. And I ache! All over. Im not over weight, but i certainly Understand others who gain during this season of life. I'm almost 63. I'm beginning to think it will never end. I entered surgical menopause 14 years ago. I used estrogen for most of that time, but I have gone 4 years at a time estrogen free. I have been estrogen free 5 months. My sisters doc told her the results of taking HRTs is exaggerated, and she continues to take it. There is something to be said for quality of life! Has anyone out there come through the other side of this? Anyone?!?

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Is the anxiety a new thing, or have you had it all along? Did the anxiety worsen once you got off HRT? I've had anxiety since my early 20's, btw, so I know what you're going through - it's awful.

I wonder about the soy milk you drink. Is this a new thing? Soy is actually a phyto-estrogen, so it will increase your estrogen; which may be the reason you're taking it? For me, I think increased estrogen actually worsens my anxiety, but I'm not sure. Then again, may be it's the decreased estrogen for you, I'm not sure. I've dealt with estrogen dominance most of my life, so that's why I make the connection with increased estrogen in my case. Let's put it this way - it's definitely hormonal imbalance of some sort - ha. My whole life (quality of life) story has been driven by my hormones.

Another thing about soy is that it is a goitrogen. I know this because I have Hashimoto's (auto-immune thryoiditis) and I avoid soy products for the most part because it can have an effect on the thyroid making it more sluggish, which in turn can worsen anxiety.

I also didn't have any luck taking evening primrose oil. It made me feel more anxious, for one thing.

Just throwing a few suggestions out there - I know how frustrating it is trying to figure out what is going on with your body. If you find the (magic) cause, let us know.

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I'd also like to add that my opinion on antidepression/anxiety medications is that it makes things worse because they are so hard on the adrenals for one thing. I think they adversely affect our hormones in general. Just my opinion, though.

And have you had your thyroid checked out? Free T3, Free T4, thyroid antibodies? TSH test alone is not enough.

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