cindy036February 7, 2002

I would like to hear other's opinions and experience with Provera. Thanks for any feedback, Cindy

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I took Provera to fix a problem I had after I had my tubes tied. For years after my tubal ligation, I would have a period for 3 weeks, and none for 1 week. All doctors would dismiss it as my age. Anyways, a doctor put me on provera about 9 years ago and it regulated my periods almost immediately. The only complaint I have is that I gained at least 20 lbs. right away too. I was on vacation at the time I started taking provera and some of the weight gain was probably due to not watching anything I ate but I am sure that provera also contributed to some of it. Perhaps today provera is given in smaller dosages with the same results.

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I saw my doctor today and he explained that Provera gives you more of an appetite. He says that Provera itself does not cause one to gain weight. I have a prescription for Provera and am debating whether to take it or not. See my other post for my explanation.

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My doctor gave me a 10-day prescription for Provera, to help regulate me (she compared it to a D & C). My cycles are out of whack, my sonograms were normal. Am afraid of the side effects, especially the weight gain. I plan on taking them when my husband is on his business trip so I don't have to subject him to any potential side effects (LOL).

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