Uterine fibroids

Gina_WFebruary 7, 2008

Okay, who's got 'em and what are your experiences with them?

Let's talk...

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I don't have 'em, but my understanding is that they are caused, at least in part, by estrogen dominance. This appears to occur at sometime in your 30's when progesterone levels drop, but estrogen levels don't. I have read that you can treat them with natural progesterone cream, but I don't have experience to back that up. I had a partial hyst prior to my 30's, so there was no uterus to develop fibroids.
Mrs H

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I have a couple smallish ones. I have heavy periods, but I'm 49 and I figure the estrogen well will be running dry relatively soon, so I'm waiting it out.

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My fibroid problems were resolved about 2.5 years ago with a UFE. Check out the Yahoo EMBO group for lots more info on this procedure.

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Helo my name is Dana and I was diagnosed with fibroids about a year ago...I can't even start to explain how bad I bleed sometimes more than 2 40 box of super tampons in two days plus thick pads. I have panic attacks usually after the bleeding starts which that last for a full 7 days,I crave ice too...If I could eat dirt I would eat that too. I have aleast two or three days that I feel " normal".The Doc. says they will shrink later but I don't think I want to wait that long I'm only 44 this could last for years. I had a anxiety yesterday and had to go with resue to the Hosp. because BP got really high along with bad anxiety, was not fun to say the least, blood work and ekg were fine this is so scary when you start feeling like this for no reason (what is it? when you hit 40 you go nuts?> Thanks for listening, I know I can't be alone out there... take care and God bless

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I'm in my early 30's, and I have a few large ones, and a couple smallish ones. I've just talked to my doctor, and we've made the decision for me to have a myomectomy.

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Dana - You mentioned that you crave ice and also dirt. Craving ice is associated with anemia and I believe dirt might be as well. You had blood work done, did it mention anemia? Anemia can cause a multitude of issues, with anxiety being one of them. I think it would be a good idea to mention the cravings to your doctor, often it is the first sign of anemia.

Take care

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Thanks Matti i have an appointment next week I'll mention to the Doc. about my cravings, I Hope She can give me some good news this visit..I don't want to be put on a lot of medications and it seems that's all they want to give anymore.I know that the ice thing is crazy its like eating candy for me I'm eating it right now. Thanks for yor time, Have a great day Dana

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I had 'em, and then I had a UFE.

This was eight years ago, and it worked like a dream.

Look into it.

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On my visit to the GYN last month, the Dr. suspected uterine fibroids. I had an ultrasound done and I have 1 large one, size of a lemon and a few smaller ones. The Dr. offered different treatment plans, one would be birth control pills but since I smoke and over 35 that really isn't an option and besides I've been on them before and they made me sick. Another would be where the Dr. would burn the lining of my uterus (can't remember the name of the procedure) and hopefully remove at least some of the tumors. She said about 30% of the women don't have periods anymore. This appealed to me but, I don't insurance. I'm 46 and the Dr. said that I'm probably starting perimenopause and the fibroids would naturally shrink without the estrogen that my body won't be making. I've had 3 very heavy periods within a 6 week time frame, which left me literally drained. Anyone else out there decided on letting nature take it's course instead of the surgery?

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Hot flashes were driving me crazy so I decided to try HRT. My periods were very heavy for a few years but one night when I was lying down I felt my stomach and I had a hugh lump hard as a rock. Went for testing and it was a fibroid the size of a grapefruit and two small ones. I was 55 at the time and still having periods. My doctors told me to stop the HRT immediately because of the estrogen. He told me I could have surgery or I could wait and it would shrink on its own. At the time we had a new puppy and I didn't want to leave him, even though I know my family would of taken care of him. It took a few months to shrink and I finally stopped having periods when I was fifty eight years old.

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Thanks lovedobies for responding. Glad to hear that someone else decided to wait for nature to take care of this problem. I really don't like the idea of surgery unless it is absoultely necessary or life threatening. Are they completely gone?

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Hi renee

After a few months I went back for testing and they were gone. Just shrunk on their own like my doctor said, good luck with your decision.

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Uterine fibroid embolization is not surgery - it's a non-surgical procedure performed by an interventional radiologist. It can be very effective in resolving fibroid symptoms for people who don't want to live them for years while waiting for menopause.

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