humidity and salt

mabeldingeldine_gwAugust 19, 2012

I recently returned home from a long trip to find that most of my salt shakers (filled with fine sea salt) were caked from the humidity. I added rice, but this experience got me thinking about using a salt pig.

Does a salt pig eliminate the impact of humidity on salt? I would probably keep it filled with coarse sea salt or kosher salt and use a spoon with it for dispensing.

Maine has been especially hot and humid this summer, ugh.

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I have used a salt pig for years and never had a problem with caking, even the week the power was out earlier this summer and it was 100 and high humidity, inside and out. Pretty neat, actually.

Wish I was in Maine this summer.

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Rice will not keep salt from getting damp.

A salt pig certainly opens salt to humid air.


If you put Kosher salt in a pig, is it still Kosher? (LOL!)


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A salt pig with an unglazed interior will keep salt from clumping when it's humid. Air conditioning is only about 50 years old, before that, salt pigs.

Good question. It must have another name, too, probably a salt cellar.

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Salt doesn't clump unless you are near a body of water....and you are not using air conditioning! We used to make a "sea-shore salt".
Any beach house I ever was had rice in the salt shaker....kept it from clumping....even the cabin at the lake. Salt in a shaker is open to the damp air.
Salt absorbs moisture....and clumps. Where do you think the Morton's salt slogan came from..."When it rains, it pours"....because they added cornstarch.
Glazed or not, I don't think a salt pig would keep sea salt from clumping, unless it closed tightly.
I keep my daily use fancy salt in a small glass apothecary jar with a ground glass stopper. Never clumps....if I remember to replace the stopper.

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LOL, dcharch!

I'm not on the shore (I wish!), but near a tidal river at 108 feet above sea level, and have no ac in my old house, so when it is humid outside, it is humid inside. The rice is working remarkably well keeping the new salt from clumping, but I had to dissolve the salt in the shakers in hot water to get it out, it was very damp.

I may have to purchase an unglazed salt pig and give it a try. We had a gorgeous dry sunny day here today, but more humidity and rain is in the forecast.

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I've used a salt pig for years in NJ where we know HUMIDITY. The salt doesn't clump.

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I don't live in year round humidity but we have plenty of it and I don't have clumping troubles.

I don't like the idea of fingering spices. That's a fad that started with the 4time Felon and similar who wanted to sell a different container to make people think they'll look "professional", not unlike stainless steel appliances. I usually use Tupperware (or are they Rubbermaid?) shakers with lids to keep the salt clean and dry. Otherwise, Kosher and sea salt stay in the original containers.

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I thought the reason some people add rice to the salt shaker , wasn't because it stopped the salt from clumping, but would break up clumps when given a shake.


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