36" Gas cooktop ok in laminate?

aimskitchenJanuary 14, 2013

From a functional perspective, is there any reason a 36" gas cooktop (Bosch) couldn't be used with a laminate countertop? Our current 30" electric cooktop sits on laminate, but I imagine our larger, gas cooktop could generate more heat. Our appliances and cabinets are in the garage, awaiting installation in the coming weeks, and we are going round and round about countertop material, from granite, to Corian, to laminate and back round again. I honestly like the forgiving nature of laminate (with kids and glasses and being able to replace in 5 years if we tire of it or wear it out), and am swinging back in this direction but had this question about the cooktop. I know it's not a high status product, but I'm ok with that as my priority is the function of my kitchen.

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We put laminate on our counters, formica 180fx and have a gas, glass cooktop. There is no heat generated or very little as far as I can tell. We did the formica a few months ago as a temporary fix while we decide how we want the layout.

I have been really pleasantly surprised by the formica. Our last house was solid surface counters and I am not really missing them. We did the formica ourselves, bought the sheets from lowes and the contact cement for it. We sanded the formica that was on there from 1956 to rough it up and then glued the new formica on top. Only took a few hours.

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Sophie Wheeler

The issues will be if you bought a 36" base for the 36" top, and whether or not you're talking about doing a laminate with an integral backsplash, and if you have a good vent with sufficient CFM. If you bought the right size base, and are doing a flat deck countertop with a tile backsplash and at least 400 CFM for a consumer grade top, there's likely to be few issues. The integral bacsksplash on laminate can become damaged from high heat cooking and having that heat build up because it's not being exhausted will lead to a visible scorch mark. If you have a pro style cooktop, you will need much more venting also.

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We currently have a gas cooktop in a laminate countertop.

The only problem that I had was that my large BTU burners are in the back left and front right positions. I was using a large stockpot that had to overhang the grates and I didn't pay attention on the back side (I was using the back large BTU) and my laminate countertop ended up getting burned. It wasn't a big deal at the time because I knew that we were getting ready to remodel.

Therefore, when looking at cooktops, pay attention to things such as knob location (which prevented me from using the front large BTU burner) and the size of the grates. After this incident and visiting a showroom with my husband, we determined that it was worth it to us to get a rangetop for our remodel since we use large skillets and pots frequently.

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