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joshp01February 13, 2011

Yea I agree there may be plenty of fish in the sea, however, when you truly love someone with all your heart and you have hurt them it leaves such a deep hole within your soul. And now the situation I find myself in is that the trust is so broken even me posting on here is causing trust issues. I dont want my wife to see how broken I am and how I need help from every angle I can get it. I have started at a church lately and have been talking with the preacher there a few times a week.

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asolo many time you gonna post with the same issue?

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1) Don't blow smoke about "loving with all your heart". Obviously that's not true. Own it. You did what you did. Did you get caught or did you quit it on your own? There's a huge difference.

2) "Trust is so broken...." Then she knows, I assume. In that case, nothing to do but spill your guts, eat major dirt, and hope she'll work with you. It will take time. Probably a lot of time. It may never be the same.

3) About the new church and preacher....what, exactly, do you think the preacher is going to tell you that you don't already know....and didn't know before you strayed? See item #2.

4) What kinds of "help" are you hoping for? You did this. You can repent and ask forgiveness and promise not to repeat and deliver on your promise. Your wife may or may not choose to go with you on your journey of hoped-for redemption.

It's tough.

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My guess?
1) Yes, he got caught

2) He broke her heart

3) He thinks God will forgive him because his wife won`t

4) He needs help because he`s helpless

5) Time to quit sniveling and man up

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