how long do you have hot flashes and night sweats

azdebFebruary 25, 2005

I have gone almost two years without a period. The flashes and sweats have been terrible. How long do they usually last? What do you do for them?

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Hi azdeb,
I didn't have hot flashes. I had cold flashes! Anyhow....I think it can really vary among women, how long their hot flashes last. I don't want to depress you, but I've heard of women in their late 60's who are still having them! I've never tried it, but I've heard that black cohosh is really good for hot flashes. Estroven is a product that has black cohosh in it. That's an over-the-counter drug that you could try. Good luck!

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I went thru forced menopause 12 years ago and I still get hot flashes and night sweats. They are not as bad as they use to be and I don't get as many but I still get the odd one, usually when I lay down to sleep. I have a neighbour who is 59 and still gets them. Wish I had something positive to say to make you feel better. Try some of the over the counter remedies and see if they work. Good Luck.


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Had them for around six years. Only now and then currently and it seems to hinge on what I eat. Seemed to be a pattern with certain items, would eat, and within a half an hour or so start having hot flashes.

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I've had mine for 18 years now. Had a hysterectomy at 29 then the change started at 35. I'm now 53. Doctor says that they should quit in another couple of years! Can't wait!!!!!

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I'm 54 and began having menopausal symptoms at 50 (I had a hysterectomy when I was 37 but kept my ovaries). I have never taken hormones but do take soy isoflavones. I have a couple of light hot flashes each day - over quickly - no night sweats - the "heat" has lessoned quite a bit over the last 6 months.

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Soy pills with isoflavones have kept the flashes at bay for me for the past 4 or 5 years. I have cut them down from twice a day to once now. They really work for me. I just got the ones that had the highest amount and were the cheapest (none are cheap!) It has made menopause a breeze for me.

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So glad to find this thread! I am 51 and haven't had a period (other than very light spotting, sometimes) for a year. I am doing fine except for the hot flashes and cold flashes. All thru the day I am either too cold or too hot. I know I don't have hot flashes to the degree that some women have described, but I do wake up at least twice in the night and have to get up and then go back to bed without any cover (it's about 10 minutes, then I am too cold...) They don't last very long, for which I am grateful, but it sure is annoying! I do take black cohosh daily, but is there any other natural supplement that might help? I really don't want to take hormones and do take extra calcium and other than the hot and cold flashes am doing quite well, no moodiness anymore, etc.

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Even with the airconditioning on during the night, I'll wake up with a hot flash. It lasts a few minutes. I just turned 50 and am in perimenopause. Can hardly wait to see what else mother nature has in store!

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My Mother is 84 and she still gets them! She had a hysterectomy when she was 39 and has had hot flashes ever since. My DH has instructions to shoot me if they last more that 10 years............LOL!


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I sailed right through menopause at the age of 56 with nary a hotflash. Now 2 years later I am getting them all day and all night. I also had a very light period last month. I know, I know, I need to call a gynecologist. I am 58 and this can't be normal. I put it down to my being on a low carb diet - which is actually a high fat diet. I think it is affecting my hormones. Well, actually that is the point. I am trying to keep my blood sugar under control and of course, insulin is one of the hormones.

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I am 54 and still have regular periods that are now lasting about 1 week each. The last 3-4 days are light. I have hardly ever had hot flashes although I am constantly cold (probably low iron). I hope I don't follow gandbb and start having hot flashes after menopause. Somehow it doesn't seem fair, to have a period well into one's 50's and then have hot flashes until who knows when. By the way, I had my tubes tied 22 years ago.

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I am still not in menopause. I thought I was but have had 2 periods in a row. A couple of weeks ago, I think I've started having hot flashes. I can feel cold one minute and all of a sudden, I fell clammy and hot and it's unbearable. I have not gone on hormones because I still have my periods at age 58. Any advice for me?

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I had breast cancer when I was 50, with chemotherapy, radiation and then Tamoxifen. At this time the hot and cold flashes started (and with a vengence). I won't bore you with the details of the first three years - until I went to my doctor and begged to be put on something other than Tamoxifen. The flashes started to lessen at that point and have been decreasing ever since. But I still get them about every 35 - 40 minutes although not so violent - except for the odd few during the 24 hr cycle. Usually have to get up very early in the morning with a major one.
How long? 11 yrs and counting.

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"...Can hardly wait to see what else mother nature has in store!" I posted this back in 2005. My GYN gave me hormone replacement in 2007, which stopped the hot flashes. Last November, she lowered the dosage, which is bringing them back. This stuff gets old, fast.

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I had perimenopausal symptoms for almost 10 years before my last period in 12/06. During that time I tried all sorts of HRT; my body would acclimate to whatever med I was taking so then I'd have to try a new one. Finally I stopped meds altogether since the only enduring "result" I could see was weight gain! After my last period the hot flashes and night sweats finally went away--fabulous! Now all of a sudden they're back again, out of the blue, after 2+ years. What's up with that!? What do I do? (Soy is not a good option for me because it interacts with my thyroid medicine.) Is this normal, or could something else be wrong?

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the night sweats are the worst because my husband is a freaking furnace! then i wake up covers thrown off freezing cold and hes gone! I dont have many hot flashes per se but i do get hot / cold action. its june and im wearing three sweaters. i will sleep in two.

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I'm so glad I found this forum! I've had terrible hot and cold flashes for a year now. They've become so difficult, I decided not to go back to work until they'd passed. I drench my clothes, sweat dribbles down my face and then a few minutes later I'm freezing and piling on the sweaters! I work in a highly visible job and it's embarrassing. My doctor said they'd last 'a little while'. Liar. Obviously I'm going to have to come up with a solution. I can't stop working for a decade!

Are there side effects to the soy capsules? I've heard warnings about heart attacks due to hormone treatments, so I don't want that.

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What I can sum up from this forum is that there is NO rhyme or reason to any of this! I went into peri-menopause in my late 30's and I have not any surgeries. I started having hot flashes then. I have not had a period for over 2 years and I'm 47. Although I'm thankful to no longer have a period, the hot flashes seem to come and go. Right now they are here with a vengance! My doctor told me they would stop about 2 years after I stopped having periods. No sign of that yet. I take a USANA product that contains soy isoflavones, black cohosh, chasteberry, licorice root and dong quai which are all supposed to be helpful. Although I still flash, they are worse when I don't take this. It's nice to read how others are doing and to feel that this is a normal part of life despite the irregularities in how it affects people.

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I started going through early menopause when I was 38. I am 40 now. My hot flashes and mood swings were terrible for about two years. My doc said I was low on vitamin d as well. As soon as I started supplements with a mulit vit for menopause and extra vit d3, my mood swings went away. I was much happier. My husband and I started working out and eating a low calorie diet and the hot flashed stopped. I will wake up hot at night sometimes but now like before. I know everyone is different. I also have more of a sex drive as well. I feel so much better since working out and losing a few pounds.

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I'm currently reading Suzanne Somers book Ageless and it is full of information on this that has helped me a lot. I have been using the cream bioidentical hormones online from Amazon for6 weeks but they only lessened the severity of the flashing. Tomorrow I will try a compound pharmacy. Maca root and Primrose oil and Black Cohash have worked for me in the past but not this time around. I'm 53 and have been hot and cold flashing on and off for 3 years and no period for 6 months.The past 3 months have been unbearable.

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I started my periods at 9 and had my last at 52 (no children) I'm depressed that I never got to have a baby. I started hot flashes at about 46 but they went away. Then at 47 when I had to where a Miami J. Then that went away. Then I've had them consistently since the age of 49. I could handle getting hot. The problem is that before my hot flash I might feel nausea or malaise or anxiety. My hot flashes come about once every 45 minutes to an hour. I'm also pretty depressed and I'm really fat and ugly and I'm pretty disgusted with myself and I can't seem to stay off junk food. I'm 54, almost 55.

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After reading this I see that I am more normal than I thought. The hot flashes and sweats started 2 years ago and are now raging. I am 53. As soon as my period went to twice a year the flashes are accompanied by a stinger headache, immediate exhaustion and weakness, then sweat and cold, then normal til the next one, 45 minutes away. I take a natural supplement called "hot flash" that has the 5 ingredients mentioned above, I will research the soy supplement. This is so aweful, it feels like the flu when one comes up and starts to go away. There is a constant dull, light headache. I googled menopause symptoms and came up with the 34 most common symptoms. There are millions! Everything you can think of is a symptom of menopause. This really really really sucks. On Good Morning America a woman was complaining to her friends about the hot flashes and they all told her to go on hormone therapy, which she did, and one year later has stage 4 breast cancer and is dying from the hormone therapy. I got a book that says the symptoms last 6-10 years. How does anyone live through this? And the "menopausal rubber tire" around my middle? I can't believe it. My husband actually feels sorry for me and brings me ice packs for my head. I have eaten so many of the menopausal relief supplements that I usually feel like I have a bale of hay in my stomach.

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Its sad when you are so miserable that you have to go on the internet to try to find a solution to your problem! But here I am. I am 55, 5'4" tall and weigh 120 lbs. I'm not overweight at all, trouble is, everything has rearranged itself. I can no longer wear clothes I had even from last year, they are too tight around the middle. I hate what menopause has done to my body. Even worse, I think some of the depression comes from lack of sleep. I have the worst hot flashes of any of my friends. I get them every 20 or 30 minutes, they keep me up all night and I'm so sleep deprived I can't function. The only option I've been offered is HRT which I've read awful things about. Sometimes if I manage to sleep through a hot flash, then I sweat so bad, I wake up wearing soaking wet clothes in a 62 degree room with 2 fans blowing and then I'm freezing cold. My poor husband is trying to hang in there with me, but I think he's miserable as well. I can't cuddle up next to him, the moment I do, his body heat sends me into another hot flash. I really think I may go crazy. Yesterday I couldn't function at all I was so sleep deprived. I've tried sleep aids like Lunestra, Ambien CR and Xanax, nothing works. Did our Moms go through this? I need help!! I've tried over the counter Estroven extra strength and also a hormonal cream. Nothing. I miss the old me that used to wake up and be enthusiastic for the day. Now I don't have the energy to get out of bed.

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I have to say the posts here are not encouraging. My hot flashes started 2 years ago (at 46) and I have not had a period for 10 months. I blame the early start becasue of having no children. I was hoping I was at the end of my hot flashes...two years being reasonable...but looking at these posts.....I can see it is wishful thinking. I also long for one night's sleep where I don't throw the covers off 5 times! There better be some kind of reward for us in heaven...cause the men don't know how easy they got it down here!!!!

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Thanks you everyone for making me feel normal. Misery loves company I guess! I am I'll be 54 this year and have had hot flashes for about a year now. First I feel like crap, then the flash begins in my back and radiates outward. They vary greatly in intensity and always produce a "lovely" sheen of sweat all over. I am going to try eating healthier and taking the estroven. I noticed that when I eat a lot of sugar it seems worse. Chocolate really sets them off. Thank you all so much for sharing, I did come away with a stragtegy.

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Thank you for saving me on this site. My hot flashes were unbearable. Black Cohosh helped and even gave me back my periods. Had none for 6 months. 150 mg per day. Tastes like Hay but seems to help. Any other information on handling hot flashes would be most appreciated. Love you all!

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Ah. So I'm not alone. I'm 50, recovering from stage 1 breast cancer this past fall, no chemo, but had radiation and now on femara. Oh boy. I had night sweats before for a good 7-8 years leading up to menopause, but usually could just stick my feet out from under the blankets and that would help. Plus I'd only wake up a few times a night.

But now, for the past few weeks (thought it was a side effect of femara) I have been under attack! Twenty + times a night. All wet. Hot. cold. Hot. cold. And now also during the day. I'm sleep deprived. Bags under eyes. I can't take many of the thing discussed. Limited due to the cancer.

Chocolate and sweets? Maybe it's time to cut it out of my diet and see what happens. I exercise regularly (ran a half marathon two weeks ago, a full marathon a year ago) but I've also noticed my middle seeming to expand. Oh no!

On a positive note: the circle is nearly complete. Now I know the full experience of womanhood. :-)

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Hi E1 i am sat here with the fan blowing i felt so fed up and sorry for myself before finding this site I have been going through the menopause for quite a few years had a hist 28 and started the change at 42 im 47 now and the hot and cold sweats went after about 2 years i thought hurry there gone but VERY SADLY they have come back about 6 weeks ago and now i want to cry i feel so ill they come every 30 mins or so they are so bad and my mind and body feels terriable and to be honest i thought it was something else and i was going to find out that i have some thing really bad going on BUTTTTTTT I NOW SEE MOST OF YOU GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING although i still feel like c rap i feel better noing that im not ALONE Thanks everyone who has written on this site and try to keep SMILING God Bless

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Someone Help please!! I am 58 years old nad my last period was 6 years ago. At that time I only had a few hot flushes. Now its 6 years later and I am getting hot flashes, sweaty behind my neck and hair, weird feelings in my body and I cry now and then. I asked my family doctor could this be my menopause and she abruptly said no and walked away from me. Can anyone tell me if after your last period of 6 years ago can you still get hot flashes and all like I am getting years ago. Please, I need an answer! Thank you all!!

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I am 38 and just had a LAVH & BSO 3 days ago. My question is how long after the total hysterectomy should I expect to start with hot flashes? A friend of mine had the same surgery when she was 23 and drinks a glass of soy milk in the morning & evening and says she almost never has the flashes. I've started the soy milk myself in hopes of it being a miracle drink. Will look into the capsules though. Any suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated!

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I'm 59, had my last period 4 years ago, and it was a doozy! I swear, I thought I would bleed to death. I don't have the hot flashes as much, but I do start getting hot every night around 7 p.m. I can put the air on 81 during the day, but at night I have to have it down to 76. I have waked up many a night soaked in sweat, but only around my head and neck. My bed and pillow will be soaking wet. My sister is 12 years older than I am, and she still has them. She had a hysterectomy at 45.

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I had a radical hysterectomy last November. I fully expected to go through menopause quickly. But 7 months later the night sweats and hot flashes are still at full force. Lack of sleep, having to fan myself at work, sweating non stop...does it ever end?

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Ive been having night sweats for 40 years! I am now 66 and had an enforced menopause at 26 due to a total hysterectomy. HRT didn't help merely made things worse.
Over the years I have tried everything but the heat, sleeplessness, depression and anxiety make my life difficult. I have tried to ignore my nights and live my days to the full but the lack of sleep has taken its toll.
It seems a real problem and I wish there was some methods of investigation to help women like myself. Doctors just dismiss it off hand, they have no idea how debilitating this is.

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Thank you ladies for posting! I still have hot flashes am 56 and get tired of them. I have not had a period in 14 months. I too thought it was something else, like illness or allergy. Now I see it is not, thanks to so many of you posting. I take anxiety meds and am wondering if there is a problem taking Soy or the black cohash along with them. Don't want an interaction? Does anyone take sleeping pills or melatonin? I take no hormones and have no hysterectomy. The flashes are preceeded by having my laptop on my lap (the heat) and warm weather. I hate to wear any clothes but have to for obvious reasons. Even the tag on the back of my shirts makes me itch. Hang in there ladies! We'll beat this somehow!!!

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Hello Every one My story is kinda one you don't hear that often but I'm 43 years old and I have NEVER had a Period I was born without a uterus yes I do have ovaries but was told they are very small was told all my life I would never go through the change because I don't have a monthly but now only 4 days into being 43 i find myself waking up all night long burning up even with the A/C on I kick the blanket off then after a few Min's get cold and pull the blanket back up I also get up to P a lot in the night and started getting the hot flashes in the day time they don't last long Thank god,,I don't want to take Hormone replacement pills I had a friend who took them and she went CRAZY so i promise my husband i would look for other ways to control this ,

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Thanks to all of you for your posts. I wandered onto this blog from the blog about getting my period after 10 months without one (I went 16 months and have it now, :(. I thought I escaped menopause without hot flashes, but maybe they will come next. I am always freezing cold. Does anyone else get the RHF Reverse Hot Flash. My hands get like ice, and although I live in Florida, I run a space heater at work. I will be 56 in 2 months.

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Hello all,
I am 53yrs old and have been in menopause for about 18mo. I was in perimenopause for the previous 10-12 years. In those years I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and my doctor is wonderful. He put me on elavil to help with the night pain and other med�s for day pain. The elavil has helped tremendously with the night heat, I sleep right through it. I was also prescribed lexapro about that time for the mood swings and that has worked wonderfully. I have an Rx for vaginal dryness- premarin (for every other night), I drink soy and take max strength estrovan daily. I read that red clover and flax seed help and I will check those out.
I have fans, ice packs, and ice water to help stay cool at work. I wear sandals, capri�s, nice shorts, skirts and short sleeve shirts pretty much year round here in Kentucky. My employer knows about my hot flashes and they know I try to dress appropriately considering my heat. I was hoping the hot flashes would improve after going into menopause considering how long I�ve had them. No luck. After reading your entries there is no telling how long I�ll have this. The sisterhood on this site is comforting.

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Geez, seems as tho I have alot of company. When my hot flashes started they were manageable. When they became too bothersome I tried the Amberan product. The first 2 weeks were wonderful. Unfortunately, since I still get my period, the week before and week during, the hot flashes returned with a vengeance. Ugh, and now the night sweats that appeared when I was about 47 and passed by the time I was 48 have now returned. While I do think stress compounds the problems, I don't think I have any more stress now than I had when I was 47! You would think that with so many women suffering, there would be someone who could offer a really good cure for these symptoms.

If this is going to go on for 10-12 yrs, I will slit my wrists. LOL I am trying to alter my diet to include alot more soy than I already use. Also, to back off on the caffeine as well as the few processed foods I eat (which are already not a daily part of my diet, in order to avoid any unwanted weight gain). I have also started the Amberan again in the hopes it will do something. I can't stand another night of sweating followed by being chilly. It has been a trying 2 weeks for me.

I am comforted that I am not alone, but feel terrible for any woman who is experiencing these symptoms, NOT fun is an understatement!

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For what it's worth, I don't know whether this has been mentioned before but I have had success with sipping one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water.

This seems to lessen the hot flashes I suffer from.

There's a LOT of discussion about the efficacy of ACV and one can only try it for oneself, but this has worked for me. Apparently it needs to be ACV with "the mother" and the only brand I have found is "Braggs" but I'm sure there must be others. I have just taken one glass of this mixture per day but some people recommend three. It is sour and not that pleasant to taste but of course honey can be added to take away the "bite".

I have also heard that a regular exercise routine can significantly reduce the unpleasant effects of menopause. I don't mean working out every day, but a brisk 30 minute walk every day (or even 30 minutes dancing in your home) is extremely beneficial.

Hope this helps someone.

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I am appalled! I Googled 'Do menopausal symptoms ever go away?' and the most unlikely forum, this one, came up. Garden Web? Ha, ha! Yet, it has been the most insightful. Thank you to all the contributors. Why am I appalled then? Because from all the contributions, the answer to my question is 'No, menopausal symptoms do not EVER go away!!' AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!

I am 63. Healthy, have played sport all my life, play regular tennis and I STILL have night sweats and hot flashes. I just can't seem to control my core temperature. I am either freezing cold or boiling hot. MOST inconvenient! In fact these symptoms seem to have become worse lately even though I am careful with my diet. I am osteopenic - on the cusp of having osteoporosis - and have had several recent fractures. I did not take HRT (tried two types and they did not agree with me, so gave up in it) and am now thinking that I should have persevered (if only for the protective effect for the osteoporosis), but also because I had the most horrendous 5 years of serious menopausal symptoms from age 50!! So bad that I believe that, in retrospect, the dreadful mood swings, anger, headaches, drenched beds and hot flushes, tears all over the place, suicidal tendencies, mushy brain, tiredness, the whole gamut, were what caused the break up of my 10 year-old relationship. My poor partner. I walked out on him (because my brain wasn't functioning properly and I couldn't see an end) and I have never regained my confidence, nor my pre-menopause lively self, and the hot flushes and night sweats are still here! Maybe the depression and the poor self esteem too? I truly believed the doctors when they said, 'Don't worry, they will go over time'. HA!

So ladies, don't believe the doctors and good luck with the remedies you try. I am going to try some of your suggestions. I'll report back in about 3 months!

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I'm 56.5 - the flashes started slowly 5 years ago and became irritating a year later. With thanks to the universe I did not have mood swings. I have vaginal dryness and maybe some atrophy but that is better with some vaginal lube (product Replens works for 3 days or so too). I am now retired but in a hot country for the winter as my husband gets very cold easily. The flashes are worse if the temperature is above 74 F at night. They are especially bad at the falling asleep and waking up moments. Some solutions that work for me. A mechanical option - a fan blowing in the bedroom but up against the wall and not on me seems to make them go away. Of course, my husband goes to the other bedroom. As for supplements I ran out of my omega3s last week and the flashes are back with a vengeance. I also take evening primose oil (for 20 years - good skin), and black cohosh. My naturopathic doctor also suggested some Genestra brand Motherwort #3 drops. In Canada you need to get it from the naturopath or I've also found it in a naturopathic pharmacy. It alone resolved the hot flahses my landlady started having last fall when she was 53+.
Another menopausal symptom of brain fuzziness while working became a huge issue for me - couldn't remember a conversation from my boss' office upon returning to my own. My GP recommended Lecithin. It worked wonders for me and for a few friends. Like within 2 to 3 days. Vitamin B12 is also sometimes recommended (but my GP said lecithin was cheaper) - but that increases my hot flashes based on an experiment this past January. And my hot flashes are made worse by any libido boosters I've tried (I try them because my previously strong desire for sex disappeared). I hope my experiences can help someone do more research for themselves.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Mother had hot flashes in her 80s and her mother had them in her 90s! Other women never get them. Go figure. I've been through menopause for 3 years and still get 8 to 10 per day. I take black cohosh, meditate, use DHEA cream on my legs and most recently added DIM as a supplement. All seem to help somewhat...and I'd say I'm getting closer to 6 hot flashes daily now.

The only good thing is DH has reynauds and his icy cold fingers feel great on the back of my neck during a hot flash!

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I saw a news story today saying that a study showed hypnosis to be very helpful. Let's see if I can give you a link:

It was on Web MD.

I've been having hot flashes for 4 years now. The negative side of it, we all know. On the positive side, I enjoy winter more. When a hot flash starts, I can run outside without a coat and ENJOY !!!

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Trying a link again:

Here is a link that might be useful: WebMDhotflashes

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OMG! Thank heavens I found this website!!!!
I'm 55 now and been into the hotflash thing for a little over a year. My poor hubby sleeps in another room since spring as I just could not take the heat! We sleep in a Q size bed and have just ordered a new king size, hoping to get some normalcy back!!! But I'm keeping the spare room ready just incase it doesn't work!! He hates the fan blowing at night!

The first few months were pure insanity.No sleep at all. I thought I would lose my mind. Actually I did! I went 240 days without a period then had one for a little over 2 weeks. Prior to that beginning in 2008, I was having EXTREME heavey bleeding for weeks at a time. Thank heavens that has stopped, but the hot flashes are now somewhat under control using Transitions and Black Cohosh daily. Still bad during the night though and for me, the colder weather makes it worse. They really tapered off over the summer but now back with vengeance since the weather turned.

This forum is a blessing. When this all started I looked for menopasue support groups where we live. Nothing. I called hospitals, local health agencies. Nothing. I don't get why there is none. Makes no sense to me. This has been scary since a lot of the symptoms mimick other things that could be going on. How do you know which is which?
I am not happy to see that mostly these will last for years and years. That's just awful, but knowing I'm not the only one now, helps alot. Thank you ladies for your input!

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I just started this dr. prescribed.

Haven't been on it but just a couple of days, so it's too early to tell.

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I am in the full menopause. My flashes are infrequent and short now. I had a terrible time for a while, but changed my diet and am doing these supplements daily:
Maca powder, fish oil epa 800/dha 500 twice a day, Slow FE (i am anemic), Vit-D 2000IU, B12, Ubiquinol, lutein, Calcium/magnesium/zinc.

The Slow FE really helped clear brain fog for me.

For night sweats that had gotten really bad, I had to change my linen ritual. I sleep over the top sheet now, under a lightweight cotton blanket pulled up to my knees, in underwear, with a wrap around my shoulders. I can throw off the wrap when I feel heat and put it back on if I am cold. I also sleep with a knee wedge, so I am on my back. I have had more thorough uninterupted sleep since doing this. I still sweat a litle, and I keep a large towel and change of nightclothes by my bed . Should I awaken and I am damp under my back, I just put the towel down, change, and get back in bed and fall asleep quite easily.

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I first got my period at 11, My first hot flash at 43. Periods officially stopped at 49. I am now 66 and I still have hot flashes, not as bad as I used to..but still as annoying as ever.I have learned what triggers it, and I just sit quietly and always have a fan nearby.I took HRT for about 5 years in my 50's but stopped because of breast cancer in family. I believe I will have these hot flashes until the day I die...which I hope is when I'm too old to know I'm even having them!!

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I tried HRT for a while (kliogest) to deal with the awful diassociation and lowered mood I was experiencing - but while the kliogest kept me pretty much flash free it kept me awake and alert almost 24/7..... I read that oral HRT can increase cortisol which is the last thing I needed so I stopped and as soon as I stopped taking it the night flashes came back. Thinking of doing a patch which apparently does not elevate cortisol but I'd rather not. I'm hoping these night flashes go away at some point..... I really wonder... not a good night's sleep in ages :(

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I am 68 years old and have not had a period since around 46 years old, and did not experience hot flashes until the past several months now,not sure if this is normal, i also had breast cancer at age 40 and had chemo for a year, not sure if that had anything to do with an early menopause.

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I've been having hot flashes for about 10 -11 years now. Recently they started getting worse - more often and hotter. I didn't think they could get any worse. I tried HRT when they first started but I had serious thoughts of suicide when taking it. (Anybody else have that problem or am I just as weird as I think I am?)

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I have found that my hotflashes tend to be brought on by some form of anxiety...even slight. I also do not use any form of medications, as I have tried all of the over the counter remedies to no avail. Some things I have found that are helpful are:


It helps during the night. It's not a miracle product, but it helps sometimes.

Also the Chilly Pad:

Just some things that might help.

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I'll be 53 in 3 months and I haven't had a period for about 4 months. But that's not the problem. The problem is I have the worst hot flashes and I have them all the time, I've been having them for about 2 years and sometimes I think I'm gonna die. Will this ever end? I was getting fat and I had a lot of aches and pains in my bones and muscles but I started walking and excersizing, this really helped me to lose weight and I feel much better, but the heat is still killing me. Where can I get "Black Cohosh" or something that will help to cool this heat?

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You can buy Black Cohosh at Walmart or any local drugstore.

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Ok this is frustrating! I started having irregular periods in my late 30s. Then at 43 I got pregnant and had a miracle baby boy. Then I had hot flashes starting when I was nursing him...not ideal by any means. My periods then became so heavy and clotting that I had Ablation surgery. That was great because my periods virtually stopped. Every year when they take my blood work they check my fsh levels to see where I'm at with menopause. I was told at my last visit that my levels now indicate full menopause and I am 49. I always thought when I got that reading that the hot flashes went away...wrong! For me, any kind of the slightest stress or anxiety over a life event, here comes a hot flash with glistening skin that everyone can tell I'm having a hot flash. At least they don't keep me up all night as my stress level is even keeled then :)! I am gonna try the black cohosh and a friend recommended subliminal ( under the tongue) B-12 in a high dose of like 2,500 mg.

Thanks for making me realize I didn't have another medical condition causing the hot flashes :)!

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I am50 and have been on anti- depressants for many years. Because I've been in a good space lately, I decided to wean off the tablets.... Boy, suddenly I was hit by hot flushes with a vengeance. Researched and found that anti-depressants can help with hot flashes. Went straight back ont the ant-depressants and the hot flashes have abated. Strongly suggest you should try it.

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I found this website & videos very informative. Hope the up to date research will help someone.

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I know this is an old thread but still informative. I've found that magnesium really helps lessen hot flashes. I've gone from about 5/day to 0-1/day after starting magnesium citrate twice per day. Got that advice from my doctor and it works!

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